August 17


Terry Lakin, US Military, Stand by Lakin and military, Citizen Wells open thread, August 17, 2010

Terry Lakin, US Military, Stand by Lakin and military I have not forgotten about LTC Terry Lakin. I stand by him now and going forward. Lakin is a true patriot. Lakin’s superiors, if they do not uphold their oath to defend the US Constitution and question Obama and his orders, are cowards and treasonous. I am prepared to say it to their face. I received the following in an email this morning. Another reason to support our military. “The story is about Channing Moss, who was impaled by a liveRead More

Alan Grayson Town Hall Meeting, Orlando Florida, August 17, 2009, Congressman Alan Grayson, Obama health care, He's stacked the deck, 30 non supporters allowed in

Here is another example of a so called town hall meeting regarding Obama’s health care bill. This one was in Orlando FL on August 17, 2009. “Here’ the bottom line: It was stacked against the citizens of the 8th Congressional District. There were 126 seats in the room. They let in 31 people. The rest were stacked with people who were in a previous Democrat meeting. I was embarrassed to be in the room. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, there were World War II veterans in wheelchairs outside who didn’t getRead More