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“Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies and Murder” Larry Sinclair book Larry Sinclair story   I wrote the following about 6 months ago: “The Larry Sinclair story was the catalyst for me and many others to begin questioning the character and background of Barack Obama, a candidate that most of us knew little about. Mr. Sinclair’s allegations appeared preposterous at first but captured my curiousity. I began by examining the Official Illinois State Senate records for the period of November 3 – 8, 1999. I discovered that ObamaRead More

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Larry Sinclair contacted me a few minutes ago and stated that WordPress has shut down his blog. Within the past week, I sent an email to Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, to inform him of what was happening with other bloggers violating the service agreement and the law. Matt Mullenweg has not gotten back with me. I have an IT background and I maintain a decent blog. It is in the best interest of WordPress and Mr. Mullenweg that he respond to my email or contact me. Larry Sinclair has madeRead More

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I have been comparing the Obama campaign to pre World War II Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler for many weeks. Of course my claims have been dismissed by Obama supporters and many times I have been personally attacked for asking simple questions about Obama. I am a student of history and have read a great deal about the era leading up to the second world war and also during and after. The more I observe and think about it, the closer the parallels are. The rise of Adolf Hitler and theRead More

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Larry Sinclair has alleged an encounter with Barack Obama between November 3 and November 8, 1999. Sinclair alleges that he and Obama used drugs in a limousine and had another drug encounter.Larry Sinclair has been repeatedly attacked for making these allegations and has stated that the personal attacks have come from “blind” Obama supporters and bloggers associated with the Obama Campaign. One of the attackers, referred to as Female Law Student and Concerned Citizen, attacks Larry personally and tries to destroy his credibility with purported facts. I have received numerousRead More