April 14 2008


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The latest American Research Group poll is out and it shows a big lead for Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary were tied just a week ago. Hillary has 57 % to Obama’s 37 %. Just a week ago they were tied at 45 %. Apparently Obama’s elitist, arrogant comments and Obama’s associations are catching up with him. The ongoing Tony rezko trial and witness testimony is not helping Obama either. 

Obama poll, April 14 2008, Citizen Wells poll, can Obama win presidency

Here are the latest results of my unscientific poll. The poll has been trending toward a higher percent for No recently. Can Barack Obama win the presidency? Yes          32 %  No           66 % Not sure    2 %

Rezko Trial, April 14 2008, Obama at Rezko party, Iraqi-born Nadhmi Auchi, billionaire Auchi, Drug user Levine

Stuart Levine, on the witness stand in the Tony Rezko trial, stated that Barack Obama attended a party in April 2004 for Iraqi born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi. Levine was at the party and has admitted a long term use of drugs and drug parties with male friends in numerous Chicago hotels. Rezko was also present at the party.