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Philip J Berg provided an update regarding the COLB of Barack Obama on his website on Friday, September 19, 2008. I was fortunate to post the first comment on this post. I stated the obvious. A subsequent comment by Mr. Berg’s assistant provides information from the FBI regarding the requirements for proof of citizenship. Here are the comments: “Obama should have proven earlier written by Citizen Wells, September 19, 2008 Obama, an educated Lawyer, should have been proactive early and established his credentials. He is obviously hiding something.”   “writtenRead More

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Philip J Berg has responded to the questions asked of him on this blog yesterday regarding what would happen if Obama is found to be unqualified for the presidency after he is elected. Mr. Berg also provided an update on the status of the lawsuit. Here is the email I received from Philip J Berg: “Hi Mr. Wells, If Senator Obama is unable to prove his citizenship, which we feel he is unable to do, he will not be able to serve as president.  In a case such as this,Read More