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I received the following from an attorney I have been in touch with on the internet. The attorney’s name will be withheld for the moment: “I want this summary to go out to legislators before tomorrow.  Can you please post this on your blog? I added a blurb about Annenberg.  I was putting together the comments from the Wall of Shame on Citizen Wells and found that several legislators have relied on FactCheck to make their decisions for them.  So, I explained in this summary, FactCheck is BO’s former employer!”Read More

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I have known for some time, for multiple reasons, that was deceiving  the public and attempting to produce a valid birth certificate for Barack Obama. The biggest reason is that is tied to Annenberg and Obama has many long time close ties to Annenberg. Philip J Berg has an update on his website that addresses the deception by Here is the update: “Here’s an update that incriminates FactCheck and thoroughly destroys their credibility. They swapped out their high quality photo images for low-quality ones, while claiming, allRead More

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“The chickens are coming home to roost” My next article was going to be about Obama’s early days as a community organizer. Kinda conjures up an image of supreme sacrifice, doesn’t it. However, after doing a little research, a different picture emerges. The beautiful pictures painted in Obama’s books become tarnished. Michelle Malkin, who has researched Obama’s long time ties to Acorn and Annenberg, has written a powerful article, destroying the myth perpetrated by the Obama camp. Here are some exerpts: “September 05, 2008 Why Obama’s “Community Organizer” Days AreRead More