Obama puppeteers, Muslims, Corruption ties, Leftists, Socialists, Influence on Obama’s foreign policy and position on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Middle East, Open Thread, December 27, 2009

“Now, I’m addicted to hopium. It’s America’s most powerful drug. Once on hopium, you won’t care if Iran has nukes or if taxes are raised during a recession or whether Obama keeps flipping and flopping on everything from foreign wiretaps to withdrawing troops from Iraq.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2008   The following comment was received on this blog and posted March 21, 2008. “Obama has a dual citizenship with Kenya. His passport was breached today by inquiring minds because Obama is an anti-Israel pro-pan-arabism Islamic-socialist who has tiesRead More

To: US soldiers, Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Service people, Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, everywhere, We Thank You

I understand that some of you read and follow this blog. We have a nephew, a sargeant in the Marines, serving in Iraq. No matter what you read or hear, no matter what the perception is of support from the American public, the solid, normal, hard working people of America support you and salute you. You are very much appreciated and loved. Many of us on the homefront are trying to maintain our country and democracy. We will not let you down. God bless all of you. God bless America.

Obama campaign controls news, Iraq, Afghanistan, fake news, Andrea Mitchell, Hardball, Media censorship

 I first of all want to give the chicagoagainstobama blog credit for bringing this to my attention as well as commenter Michael on Larry Sinclair’s blog. Andrea Mitchell, on Hardball, points out the censorship of the press by the Obama Campaign. Here is an exerpt from the chicagoagainstobama blog article: “Today on Hardball, Ms. Mitchell explains that the Obama camp has kept the media far away from the Senator, while he has been on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan…….Mitchell goes on to say that this level of media censorshipRead More