Schippers Book Bombshell: Clinton acknowledged Broaddrick rape, Schippers pre-impeachment probe of Justice Dept uncovered Clinton INS plan to naturalize tens of thousands of immigrants, 75k made citizens under Clinton plan had arrest records, Newsmax August 22, 2000

Schippers Book Bombshell: Clinton acknowledged Broaddrick rape, Schippers pre-impeachment probe of Justice Dept uncovered Clinton INS plan to naturalize tens of thousands of immigrants, 75k made citizens under Clinton plan had arrest records, Newsmax August 22, 2000


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From NewsMax August 22, 2000.

“Schippers Book Bombshell: Clinton Acknowledged Broaddrick Rape

Bill Clinton tacitly admitted that he raped Juanita Broaddrick during a conversation with her husband in the mid-1980s, according to an account given to House impeachment investigators by Broaddrick herself, a new book claims.

David Schippers, the former Chicago mob-busting attorney selected by House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde to head the Clinton impeachment inquiry two years ago, offers the Clinton rape shocker in “Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment.”

Schippers was initially recruited by Hyde before the Lewinsky case broke, to conduct the first serious oversight investigation of the Justice Department in twenty years.

In that capacity, he uncovered other aspects of Clinton administration corruption that went far beyond the lies and obstruction in the Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones cases. But when Starr sent over an impeachment report that focused exclusively on Sexgate, the constraints of time and the timidity of the GOP leadership left Schippers little choice but to make that the focus of the House impeachment probe.

The longtime Democrat who twice voted for Clinton hired two trusted investigators he knew from his days working with Chicago law enforcement. Seeking to build a case against Clinton that went beyond his lies and obstruction in the Lewinsky case, Schippers sent Diana Woznicki and John Kocoras to Arkansas in search of other Jane Does who had been pressured to deny a sexual relationship with Clinton.

“Within a day or two,” Schippers writes, “Diana reported to me about a woman in Arkansas, Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged that Clinton had raped her years earlier.”

Schippers’ first instinct was to ignore the unconfirmed rumors. It was to him “a shocking story, but nothing in itself that would affect our case in the Senate.”

Then Woznicki dropped a bombshell on her boss.

“Oh, one more thing that I picked up. She was subpoenaed by Jones lawyers. She filed an affidavit denying everything.”

Schippers’ reaction? “Bingo! That changed the whole picture.” If Broaddrick had been pressured to lie, it would be part of a pattern of obstruction of justice that the Senate couldn’t possibly ignore.

Once Schippers discovered that Starr had investigated Broaddrick’s charges, he requested any and all information the Office of Independent Counsel had on the case. House probers learned that Broaddrick’s charges were corroborated by several witness interviewed by the OIC.

At that point, Kocoras and Woznicki were dispatched again to Arkansas. During a meeting with Broaddrick and her lawyer, the Clinton rape accuser was reluctant to acknowledge the assault. But in a telephone conversation later that day, Broaddrick unburdened herself of the secret she had carried for 20 years.

For an hour and a half, the Arkansas businesswoman described the the terrifying experience to Woznicki, who had worked with rape victims during her days on the Chicago police force. When the two investigators returned to Washington, Woznicki told Schippers, “Juanita fits the pattern of the classic rape victim.”

The broad outline of Broaddrick’s story has been known ever since the Wall Street Journal published her account on February 19, 1999, seven days after Clinton’s impeachment trial ended.

In April 1978 she accepted an invitation from then-state Attorney General Clinton to meet at her hotel’s coffee shop while she was in town on business. Clinton persuaded her that it would be better to meet in her room. Once there, he made sexual advances. When Broaddrick resisited, Clinton forced her onto the bed and bit her lip until she submitted to the rape.

But in his book, Schippers reveals a stunning new detail as he recounts Woznicki’s version of Broaddrick’s story.

“One evening, years before, in 1984 or 1985, Mr. and Mrs. Broaddrick had attended a function in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The couple didn’t realize that Clinton was the keynote speaker. When they found out, they returned to their hotel room.

“In the course of the evening, (Juanita’s husband) David went down to the bar and found himself standing next to Clinton. Clinton stuck out his hand and said, ‘You’re with Juanita, aren’t you?’

“Broaddrick squeezed Clinton’s hand as hard as he was able. He looked Clinton right in the eye and, continuing his grip, said, ‘Don’t you go near her or near her home; don’t you even so much as look at her.’

“Startled, Clinton pulled his hand away and said, ‘I didn’t know she was with you when that happened.’ ”

When “that” happened? Clinton wasn’t mystified by Mr. Broaddrick’s angry demeanor and ominous-sounding words. He accepted the warning without protest and asked for no further explanation. His sanguine reception of Broaddrick’s hostile behavior has only one explanation.

Undoubtedly, Clinton knew exactly why Broaddrick was upset about “that.”

Certainly David Broaddrick had understood. Without explicitly saying so, the future president of the United States had just acknowledged he was a rapist.

Apart from the Broaddrick case, David Schippers’ historic investigation of Bill Clinton uncovered reams of incriminating evidence. But as the no-holds-barred investigator explains in his book:

“A great deal of evidentiary material remains under seal or in the executive protection of the House Judiciary Committee. While I cannot discuss that evidence, except in general terms, I am free to reveal other evidence and testimony that my staff developed independently. …”

But even under these limitations, the old Chicago hand is able to shed light on areas of Clinton administration corruption yet to be explored by the media.


  • Schippers explains how his pre-impeachment probe of the Justice Department uncovered a frightening Clinton INS plan to naturalize tens of thousands of immigrants, likely Democratic voters, the White House thought, in time for the 1996 election. The 75,000 who were made citizens under the Clinton plan already had arrest records. At least one prospective Clinton voter was naturalized while he was in jail.The administration official in charge of the corrupt naturalization scheme was none other than Vice President Al Gore.

    *While trying to establish impeachment trial ground rules behind closed doors, Republican senators sat mute while Democrats ran the show, Schippers charges. “We make our own rules,” barked Delaware Democrat Joe Biden. Only one Senator – Democrat or Republican – seemed interested in anything more than a show trial, asking reasonable questions and listening intently to Schippers’ recommendations.

    That was Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate, Sen. Joe Lieberman.

    *The lengths to which the White House went to try and prevent Oval Office sexual assault victim Kathleen Willey from testifying have never been fully reported. In “Sellout,” Schippers details administration attempts to “lawyer-up” the key witness with one of the Washington’s top criminal defense attorneys. Fees would not be a problem, Willey was told. After she declined, the threats and intimidation began. One particularly frightening episode is revealed for the first time in Schippers’ book.

  • Schippers described how one Republican congresswoman, upon reviewing the secret files on Broaddrick and other women, “put her head in her hands and cried, ‘My God, this is his M.O.’She related an incredible story about how Clinton had once tried to set up liaisons with two women from her district by having someone posing as a Secret Service agent invite each woman to the White House for a private presidential discussion about women’s rights. The women inadvertently bumped into one another and compared notes before declining the invites.

    Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch developed clear evidence of further presidential perjury in the Dolly Kyle Browning case. Schippers actually called Browning to Washington twice and had her ready to testify. But the Senate’s unwillingness to hear new evidence precluded opening up this new avenue of Clinton corruption.

  • Schippers confirms a sickening new detail about Clinton’s attack on Broaddrick, making it clear for the first time why several congressmen were nauseated – and one left in tears – after reviewing secret evidence that remains hidden from the American people to this day.”



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