Rod Blagojevich March 24, 2015, Sentence shortened or Obama pardon?, Obama cronies Rezko and Blagojevich know corruption details, Will Rod Blagojevich rat on Obama?

Rod Blagojevich March 24, 2015, Sentence shortened or Obama pardon?, Obama cronies Rezko and Blagojevich know corruption details, Will Rod Blagojevich rat on Obama?


You don’t suppose…

Two Obama cronies are languishing in prison.

Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich.

Tony Rezko has indicated that he would not rat out his buddy Obama.

Rod Blagojevich, in the approx. 3 percent of wiretaps released, inadvertently ratted out Obama.

You don’t suppose that Rezko, of Syrian birth, made a deal with Obama related to Syria?

I do suppose that Obama and Blagojevich have a deal. It probably involves others including former prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Despite the lies told by Fitzgerald about the rapid arrest of Blagojevich, the prosecution and legal process of his trials and appeals has dragged out forever.

Remember, the feds knew about and began investigating the Blagojevich Administration by at least late 2003.

I stated some time ago that I believe that Blagojevich’s sentence would likely be reduced, that is, if Obama doesn’t pardon him first.

From Citizen Wells January 1, 2014.

“So far no one has ratted on Obama.

Tony Rezko said that he wouldn’t.

Some never had the chance.

Orlando Jones
Donald Young
Quarles Harris Jr.
Christopher Kelly
Bill Gwatney
Andrew Breitbart
Loretta Fuddy

I believe that Rod Blagojevich made a deal with Obama. Probably beginning in 2006.

I believe that Blagojevich, who was deeper under investigation than Obama, agreed to take the heat for a reduced or pardoned sentence.


A lot of interesting things can happen in 2014.

We will know the results of the Blagojevich appeal ruling within a few weeks.

I believe that he will get a sentence reduction or a new trial.

This will determine what Obama does next. And of course Obama not being impeached or arrested will too.

If Obama does not lose senate control in 2014, I believe that he will pardon Blagojevich.

Of course the AL Supreme Court may rule that Obama is ineligible.

The Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation may convince enough congressmen to investigate Obama.

Dead men don’t talk or do they?

There are plenty still alive who may talk. Even Tony Rezko.

The economy has been propped up by smoke and mirrors. That can only work so long.

Despite the best efforts of the media to talk of an economic recovery the economy on your street, not Wall St. has been heavily impacted.

Millions are unemployed, working part time, receiving food stamps and now being charged more for their healthcare insurance.

The media and Obama camp are trying to prop up the economy through the 2014 elections. They have to win.

By their own admission Obama could be impeached otherwise.

My hope for 2014 is that Obama is arrested and removed from office.

Survival of our nation depends on it.




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