Rhino Times publishing ends after 21 years, Rhinoceros Times donations, Truth in print in NC, John Hammer printed truth about Obama and local officials

Rhino Times publishing ends after 21 years, Rhinoceros Times donations, Truth in print in NC, John Hammer printed truth about Obama and local officials

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”…. Louis D. Brandeis

“Satan laughing with delight the day the music died”...Don McLean “American Pie”

“We must not let the truth die.”…Citizen Wells


The truth in print in NC.

I met with John Hammer of the Rhino Times this morning.

I am a long time reader and fan of the Rhino (Rhinoceros) Times, published in Greensboro, NC and with coverage of one of the larger metro areas in NC. Sadly, due to high debt brought on by the economy, the Rhino Times has been forced to shut down its publication.

The Rhino Times exposed the truth about local politicians and officials and John Hammer wrote the truth about Barack Obama.

From John Hammer of the Rhino Times April 30, 2013.

“It is with a great deal of sadness that I announce that the April 28 edition of The Rhinoceros Times now on the stands is the last.

I’d like to thank all of our readers for making a point of picking up The Rhino Times for the past 21 years and I wish we could continue to provide you with the news, opinion and humor every week that you have come to expect, but we have simply run out of money. Like a lot of small businesses, we took a huge hit in 2008, and although we have done everything we could think of, we simply can no longer pay our bills.

Newspapers got hit with the double whammy of the recession and increasing competition from the internet, and we join a long list of newspapers that have closed their doors.

I would especially like to thank our advertisers, some of whom have been advertising with us for over a decade. We appreciate their support. They are the ones who have been footing the bill for us to bring you The Rhino every week.

And I’d like to thank our employees.”

“We’ve had a really good run and are incredibly thankful for all the kindness our readers have shown us.

Not many people knew about this, but the few that had been told responded, “Is there anything I can do?” The answer is yes. The Rhinoceros Times is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. We need money to pay our creditors. I guarantee all the money raised will be used to pay debts. If you have been reading The Rhino from the beginning, that’s 21 years of free newspapers. We ask you to consider paying $1 for each of those years and sending us a check for $21 dollars. Of course, if you are moved to donate more, no amount is too large, and if you can’t afford $21 but want to send something, no amount is too small. Nickels, dimes and quarters will be graciously accepted. But we thought one dollar a year was not asking too much.

This would be a donation. It is not tax deductible and you won’t receive anything of value for it. But right now we are deep in a financial hole and every bit helps. If you would like to send a donation please send it to The Rhino Times, PO Box 9421, Greensboro, NC 27429. Thank you in advance.

And we’d like to add that The Rhino Times will continue to have a web presence for as long as possible.”

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The truth about Obama in print in NC.

Here are a few examples taken from John Hammer and reported here:

From Citizen Wells June 8, 2011.

From John Hammer and the Rhino Times April 28, 2011.

“It is strange that we have a president that the people of this country really know very little about.”
“Interesting, isn’t it? Even when it seems there appears to be a historical fact about Obama’s past, it turns out there is no documentation to back it up.”
“The question remains, why did Obama wait so long and spend so much money to keep his birth certificate from being made public.”

From John Hammer and the Rhino Times June 02, 2011.

“It is incredible that the mainstream media are still giving President
Barack Hussein Obama the protection that they are.”

“The mainstream media is so deep in his pocket that they don’t know
whether it is night or day but simply believe whatever Obama tells

“The mainstream media give Obama a pass on every stupid thing he says
or every lie he tells depending on how much you think Obama knows
about what is going on in the world. Obama said we were going to be in
Libya for days not weeks. How about months not years, or maybe he
meant to say years not decades.”


From Citizen Wells March 10, 2012.

“John Hammer, Editor and Publisher of the Rhino (Rhinoceros) Times, is a good man. He is also a rare commodity these days. He has consistently put into print in NC articles that are critical of Barack Obama. I met with John last year and I was just thinking I should meet with him again about the possibility of a larger, real news organization. I finally got around to reading his latest opinions in “Under the Hammer.” I was pleased as usual but even more so because he quoted Illinois Pay to Play, a site that Citizen Wells has quoted and been quoted at. John Hammer, in print in North Carolina, the state that is hosting the Democrat Convention, has covered the Daniel Frawley $400,000 for Rezko to give to Obama.

From the Rhino Times March 08, 2012.

“Isn’t it funny what the mainstream media decides is news? According to the website Illinoispaytoplay.com, Obama has been implicated in the investigation of Obama’s good friend Tony Rezko, who has been convicted and sentenced to 10-and-a-half years for corruption involving, among others, Obama’s good friend former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption.”


From Citizen Wells June 17, 2012.

The results of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation of Obama’s birth certificate, Selective Service Application and other records are beginning to surface and a news conference is expected soon. Press coverage, though often biased is increasing. It is good to see Obama questioned in print in NC.

From John Hammer of the Rhino Times June 14, 2012. 

“Finally some reporters are doing some investigation of the life of President Obama. The left has done a great job of making anyone who asks any questions about Obama’s past out to be crazy.

People who just wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate, not anymore than Obama would have to show if he wanted to play Little League baseball, are called “birthers” and are by definition the same folks who see black helicopters hovering over their houses every night. The left has done a remarkably good job of defining people who just wanted to see proof that Obama was born in the United States as nutcases. His Republican opponent in that last election, Sen. John McCain, went to court and proved that even though he was born in Panama, he met the definition of a “natural born citizen.” Obama facing the same challenge went to court and said that he didn’t have to prove that he was a “natural born citizen.”

As it turns out, people had good reason to ask that question about Obama, because for years Obama claimed to have been born in Kenya. He was listed as born in Kenya in his publisher’s biography. That was no doubt done to boost book sales, but it is either evidence that Obama was born in Kenya or evidence that he is not a very honest person. In some of the information about Obama when he was running for the Senate is information that Obama was born in Kenya. Once again it makes him seem more exotic and was supposed to win him more votes, and unless you’re running for president it doesn’t make any difference where you were born.”


Read some of the comments left for the Rhino Times.

This one is typical.


So Sorry to Hear That
April 30, 2013 | 11:55 AM

I counted on the Rhino to bring up the Real local news that is why I read it – you will be a missed source – back in the 80’s I was talking with a neighbor who told me that your paper was the only one that told the truth for the local scene I started reading that week


Check this one out.

The Importance of The Rhino
April 30, 2013 | 12:54 PM

The new of your paper folding saddens me deeply.
Community newspapers like The Rhino are what keep the politicians honest (well, sort of…), the schools on their toes to the benefit of our children and police departments ever vigilant lest a reporter be watching what they do.
I’m wondering if your community realizes the ramifications of The Rhino’s death? The beasts ever watchful eye will be closed, the consequence of the “Hammer” coming down on the mis-behaving will be silenced, the publcs right to know what the hell their elected officials are doing behind the scenes will be muted.
I have personally benefited from the glorious Rhino and their intrepid founders,John and Elaine Hammer. They took in this homeless reporter during the political corruption trial of John Edwards and out of the goodness of their hearts gave her a quiet place to write and a fuzzy cat to pet.
Please, everyone who reads this – send in a donation. Help the Hammers continue their good works on the internet.
They, like all dedicated journalists, work for you because they believe in their hearts YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Diane Dimond

Diane Dimond”

Read more:


There is always a chance that enough funds can be raised to resurrect the Rhino Times.

Unlike newspapers in general, they depended solely on advertisers and printed the truth.

They had many loyal readers. There must be thousands and thousands out there. If you are one, please donate if you can.

Remember, this was the truth in print in NC.


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