Philip J Berg, Supreme Court, Washington DC, October 29, 2008, MommaE radio show, Uphold the Constitution

From MommaE tak radio:

This afternoon’s show is definitely ON!!  I am waiting on a call from Phil Berg!  Everyone that you can rally in the DC area and that can get to the Supreme Court, make some signs that say McCain Supporter’s for the Constitution, Uphold Our Constitution, Obama Supporter’s For The Constitution, American’s Defending Our Constitution and be ready to go at a minute’s notice!!
Mr. Berg will let me know if they are going to be through in time for him to make the 2:10 Train to DC!  I will immediately send it out that he is on his way and as many as possible are then to meet him at the steps to the Supreme Court, holding up your signs and making a lot of noise!  Fox News will meet him at the Train Station and follow him all the way to the Supreme Court.  When he arrives make noise and yell Speech, Speech and he will speak and Fox News will film it all!  This is IMPORTANT so please don’t let Mr. Berg show up with NO one there to show OUR support and to let America know that what Obama and the DNC is doing is NOT right!!  If I wasn’t in Oklahoma, I’d be there with you all leading the pack, holding up a sign that says Obama Supporter’s!!!
Please make your signs and have them ready and if it is a GO for today I will let you know and if not then the signs will be ready for tomorrow and I will let you know what time to be there tomorrow!!  Fox has said they will be there as soon as he lets them know and it will be as described as above!!!
Please post this on every Blog that you can and e-mail it to every one you know!
Here is the information for the show!
Call In No: 347-237-4870
Show times areas follows;
NOON  Pacific Time
1:00  PM Mountain Time
2:00  PM Central Time
3:00  PM Eastern Time
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Hope to see you all there!!!

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