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Jeff Schreiber, law student, legal writer and blog owner contacted Citizen Wells on this blog last night. Here is Jeff Schreiber’s comment:

“We’ll see on the standing issue.

I’m expecting an order from Judge Surrick any day now — in fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t come down before now.

To the folks here at Citizen Wells:

As of now, 3:36am on Wednesday, my blog site ( is down due to a problem with Google. Should something happen in the court, I may very likely get a hold of it before anybody else as I have worked alongside these people every day for six years.

If anything does come down the pipe and I cannot put it up on my own site, I’d like to e-mail it to you”

I sent an email to Jeff. He is always welcome on this blog.

Jeff Schreiber is on top of this lawsuit and last night put up several interesting articles regarding the constitutional and legal aspects of presidential citizenship requirements. I strongly recommend that you visit his site:

Don’t wait on the judicial system, voice your opinion here:

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