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I contacted the NC Board of Elections this morning and asked if they
were aware of the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states that Barack Obama
is an Indonesian citizen, an illegal alien and not eligible to run
for president. I was told they had been aware of the lawsuit for several
months. I was also told they get their cue from the DNC. The gentleman
that I spoke to mentioned the case that was dismissed against John McCain.
These two cases are totally different. One huge difference is that John
McCain provided a vault version of his birth certificate to congress.
Obama filed a motion to dismiss the Berg lawsuit instead of proving
citizenship. The gentleman did not allow me to speak at first but did
listen for a brief moment. I told him that I would be posting about
this. I included a subchapter of NC law that pertains to replacing
candidates that are disqualified.

So, what is the primary source of determining qualifications to be
president? The US Constitution.

I am requesting that all of you, the citizens of the US, look up the laws
in your state regarding a candidate being on the ballot and email and
call your state board of elections. Here is the email that I sent to the
NC State Board of Elections:

“What I am about to share is serious and not a joke.
I am going to post this on my blog.
You may or may not be aware of the lawsuit filed by Philip J Berg
in federal court on August 21, 2008. Mr. Berg states that Obama
is not qualified to be president. I helped break this story and I am
in contact with Mr. Berg. He is trying to avoid a constitutional
Here is a subchapter from the NC statues:
(Changes effective January 1, 2007)
§ 163-114. Filling vacancies among party nominees occurring
after nomination and before election.
If any person nominated as a candidate of a political
party for one of the offices listed below (either in a primary
or convention or by virtue of having no opposition in a primary)
Current through September 7, 2008
Page 118 of 429
dies, resigns, or for any reason becomes ineligible or
disqualified before the date of the ensuing general election,
the vacancy shall be filled by appointment according to the
following instructions:
President vacancy is to be filled by
Vice President appointment of national
executive committee of
political party in which
vacancy occurs

I am a NC voter.

Citizen Wells”

Make sure that you document your inquiry with date and time stamps.

Citizen Wells

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