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** See Update Below **

The US Supreme Court has denied Philip J Berg’s Writ of Certiori
that challenges Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president. The
court did, however, grant the Anderson Amicus Curiae brief associated
with Berg’s lawsuit. Jeff Schreiber of Americas Right provides the
following information.

“A motion filed by a third party seeking permission to file a amicus
curiae–“friend of the court”–brief was granted, but with certiorari
denied in Berg’s case, it is unclear whether granting the amicus curiae
motion is anything more than a formality.

Philip Berg’s lawsuit against Obama and the Democratic National Committee,
filed on August 21, 2008 and first reported here at America’s Right,
questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve under Article II, Section 1 of the
United States Constitution–which requires in part that the president be a
“natural born Citizen” of the United States–and was previously dismissed
by the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick from District Court in Philadelphia. While
the Supreme Court’s denial of Berg’s petition for certiorari today was not
accompanied by explanation, the mere result shows on its face that at least
six Justices agreed with Surrick’s determination that Berg lacked standing
to sue.

“Of course, I cannot help but be disappointed because the Supreme Court
Justices are the ultimate protectors of our Constitution, and in this case
they really let us down,” Berg said. “They let America down. They let all of
us down. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated against this country.
Forget politics for a minute and just think of the Constitution — next week,
we’ll be swearing in a president without even knowing for sure whether or not
he’s qualified constitutionally to serve in that office. There are so many
unanswered questions about Barack Obama and, today, the Court just told us
that we’re not even permitted to ask.””

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** UPDATE **

I received the following comment that I believe to be factual:

“URGENT From Lisa regarding Today’s SCOTUS ruling
written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

Here is a very brief explanation of what today’s ruling means to us…

What today’s ruling means is that WE’RE STILL ALIVE in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Phil filed a Petition for Writ of Cert BEFORE JUDGEMENT (in the 3rd Circuit) with SCOTUS. They denied the petition for Writ before judgement under Rule 11 because the case before the 3rd Circuit is still pending and there is still a legal remedy available to our case in the lower courts. If this case is denied at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, THEN Phil can once again go back to SCOTUS for remedy. The SCOTUS may yet grant the motion for emergency injunction against counting the votes for Soetoro/Obama – in effect, preventing the Inauguration on the 20th. As I understand it, then Biden would serve until this is resolved in some fashion. And Roberts COULD REFUSE to swear in Soetoro/Obama if this isn’t resolved.
If it comes to that, then Roberts could state that Barry needs to cough up the documents proving he is eligible, or he won’t be sworn in. We jsut don’t know what might happen next.

In the meantime, Bill Anderson’s motion for “permission” to file his case as a friend of the court was granted.


Phil is putting together a press release to be posted today on”

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