Patty Murray, WA senator, Extreme liberal, Murray debates Dino Rossi, October 14, 2010

Patty Murray, WA senator, Extreme liberal, Murray debates Dino Rossi, October 14, 2010

Patty Murray, the ultra liberal senator from WA state, debates Dino Rossi tonight. I recently heard Glenn Beck on his radio show describe how Murray is on the side of illegal aliens and takes extreme positions in support of their “rights” while not working to secure jobs for her home state.

The debate can be viewed here:

From the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal.

““It was announced that Washington State lost another 9,300 jobs. Instead of fighting for Washington families, Patty Murray is focusing on providing amnesty for illegal aliens and the partisan DISCLOSE act, which Murray hopes will distract voters from focusing on her record of taxing, spending and growing government.”
“Wasting valuable time in the Senate that could be used to stimulate private sector job growth and real financial reform that helps American families, Senator Murray is asking the Senate to take up two partisan bills which will not create or save jobs here in Washington State. This is just another attempted diversion from the real issues by Senator Murray. It is clear she would prefer to focus on Washington, D.C. politics than put Washingtonians back to work.””

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From the Seattle Times.

“Murray was one of only 19 members of the Senate to oppose a 2006 authorization to build a 700-mile fence along one-third of the southern U.S. border. Washington Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell opposed it as well.
Murray also voted against declaring English the nation’s official tongue, which would have barred the government from issuing communications in other languages. She also opposed a Senate proposal to bar immigrants from collecting Social Security benefits they earned while working without legal status.
Rossi, by contrast, wants to deter illegal immigrants with both physical and legal barriers. He repeatedly has called for erecting the remaining planned fence along the Mexico border to reduce illegal crossings.
Rossi also opposes allowing any of the estimated 11 million people already in the United States illegally to apply for legal residency. However, he hasn’t called for deporting them. He has offered no options, saying he hasn’t “heard a good solution for the people that are already here that makes sense.””

“First introduced nine years ago in a different form, the DREAM Act covers certain illegal immigrants who are younger than 35. Immigrants who were 16 or younger when they entered the United States at least five years ago and who have completed high school or attained GED certificates could attain a six-year temporary residency.
The qualified immigrants then could become permanent U.S. residents by completing at least two years of college or serving two years in the military.
Murray said she supports it. Rossi, along with virtually all Republicans, opposes it as “nothing more than a backdoor amnesty bill.””

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