Occupy Wall Street protesters composed of Obama supporters Labor thugs and uneducated sheep, Imbeciles of America untie (unite)

Occupy Wall Street protesters composed of Obama supporters Labor thugs and uneducated sheep, Imbeciles of America untie (unite)

While viewing the Occupy Wall Street protest, I am reminded of a Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson.

Occupy Wall Street scenes.

The protest is composed of the usual suspects, Obama supporters, Labor thugs and uneducated sheep. Most of the protesters are the hard core Obama supporters who believe that the demonized Wall Street and Tea party folks are to blame for the economy and jobs situation. As Professor Kingsfield stated on “The Paper Chase” they have “skulls full of mush.” Glenn Beck stated earlier today that he was considering cutting off funding for his children’s college “education.” Beck is rightfully concerned. If the youth of today had been encouraged to seek the truth and make informed decisions, Obama would not occupy the White House. Of course it is not all Obama’s fault. The far left in cahoots with a incompetent Congress caused gas prices to climb and affect the price of nearly all goods. And let’s not forget banning coal mining which has led to importing coal in some areas.
They speak of destroying capitalism yet they enjoy it’s fruits.

Maybe if they were really educated they could understand what I just wrote.

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