Obama’s parents Divorce Decree, Stanley Ann Soetoro, Lolo Soetoro, Child custody, Obama Indonesian, Obama not natural born citizen, Obama born in Kenya?

Below is a copy of the Divorce Decree between Stanley Ann Soetoro
and Lolo Soetoro that became final on Nov 6 1980. The decree
granted divorce and child custody. The document reveals several
important details about the marriage dissolution. However, the
most important revelation is that Barack Obama and his sister
Maya had been legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro:

“The parties have 1 children below age 18 and 1 chidren above 18
but still dependent on the parties for education.”

This information is not mandatory to disqualify Obama from the
presidency, however it is more compelling evidence that demands
that Obama must step forward with proof that he is eligible.

Citizen Wells Ranks Obama’s eligibility problems as following:

1. Obama’s birth father was a citizen of Kenya under British rule. This
fact alone means that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

2. There is no legal evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii and
much compelling evidence that Obama was born in Kenya.

3. Obama is still a citizen of Indonesia.

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