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“Stop Obama From Nominating a LIBERAL Supreme Court Justice

As you have probably heard by now, Supreme Court Associate Justice David Souter has announced that he is retiring from the Court. And, as you would expect, President Barack Obama is already considering several extreme liberals to replace him.

But that doesn’t mean Obama will GET his choice of an extreme liberal judge — we CAN stop him!


How can we stop a radical left-wing nominee from being approved by the U.S. Senate? Simple: By using President Obama’s own words against any such nominee, delivered directly to the ears of each and every Senator!

On January 31, 2006, then-Senator Barack Obama sent out a detailed, in-depth podcast about President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. (You can hear it in full here.)


In this recording, Barack Obama made the following statements: “There are some who believe that the President, having won the election, should have complete authority to appoint his nominee, and that the Senate should only examine whether or not the judge is intellectually capable… I DISAGREE WITH THIS VIEW… meaningful advice and consent includes an examination of a judge’s philosophy, ideology and record.”

President Barack Obama HIMSELF said that Senators should do MORE than just “pass on through” any judicial nominee that a President sends for confirmation. And, if that nominee is deemed to be “out of the mainstream” of “average America,” Obama declared that such a nominee should be rejected.

THAT is what we need to tell EVERY SINGLE U.S. SENATOR — that the American people do NOT want any Supreme Court nominee to be approved who stands for ANY radical, left-wing agenda!

So what do the potential nominees look like — the ones who are being put forth right now as the most likely to be picked by Barack Obama for a seat on the highest court in the land?

Simply put: they are all radical leftists who stand outside of the mainstream of average America!
Incoming solicitor general Elena Kagan, formerly the dean of the Harvard Law School, prohibited the military from recruiting on campus for a year. She has vigorously opposed the de-funding of taxpayer-funded clinics that promote abortions, despite the fact that a majority of Americans do NOT want their tax dollars to fund abortion providers.
7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Diane Wood ruled AGAINST bans on partial-birth abortion in cases involving legislation from Wisconsin and Illinois.
Sonia Sotomayor, a Hispanic judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, who stated on a panel at Duke University Law School in 2005 that it is JUDGES who make policy, not legislators. And in a 2002 speech at Berkeley, she said she believes it is appropriate for a judge to consider their “experiences as women and people of color” in their decision-making, which she believes should “affect our decisions.”
Cass Sunstein, a law professor friend of the president and his current nominee to be head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has been an outspoken proponent of tough restriction on gun sales and ownership, a ban on hunting, animal rights and what has been characterized as a “Fairness Doctrine” for the Internet.
Hillary Clinton. Need I say more?
Remember, Barack Obama has spoken out in terms of “redistributive justice” (”spread the wealth”) and considered it a shame that the Warren Court, which is the most liberal court in American history, did not engage in wealth redistribution! He likely thinks that he now has a “green light” to begin reshaping the federal judiciary to reflect his own far-left beliefs. Based on his recent appointments to the Justice Department, President Obama will probably name a Supreme Court nominee who will embrace an extremely liberal judicial philosophy — UNLESS we can intervene in the Senate BEFORE that happens!

We CAN stop Barack Obama from getting his choice of an extreme liberal judge passed easily through the U.S. Senate. But it’s going to take HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of messages, POURING into all of these Senators’ offices, to ensure we AT LEAST end up with a more “moderate” justice to replace Souter. IF WE DON’T DO THIS… here’s what we are looking at in the near future (courtesy of the Committee for Justice):
Top Ten Things to Expect from an Obama Supreme Court:
#10 expanding and perpetuating the use of racial preferences
#9 creating new constitutional rights to physician-assisted suicide and human cloning
#8 expanding judicial oversight of military detentions and CIA interrogations
#7 prohibiting tuition vouchers for religious schools
#6 banning the death penalty
#5 requiring taxpayers to fund essentially unlimited abortion rights
#4 creating new constitutional rights to massive government welfare and medical care programs
#3 stripping “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance
#2 eroding property rights
#1 ordering all 50 states to bless gay marriage
This is a LIVING NIGHTMARE that we CAN avoid — IF we take action RIGHT NOW! Americans across the country need to DEMAND that the Senate apply the same scrutiny for Obama’s appointees as Bush’s appointees — and to take Obama’s own words to heart, that “meaningful advice and consent includes an examination of a judge’s philosophy, ideology and record.”



Gary Kreep, Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation

P.S. In explaining his vote against Chief Justice John Roberts’ nomination, Obama stated that deciding the “truly difficult” cases requires resort to “one’s deepest values, one’s core concerns, one’s broader perspectives on how the world works, and the depth and breadth of one’s empathy.” In short, “the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge’s heart.”

Translation: lawless judicial activism.

Appointing a radical leftist to the Court — someone who believes social activism trumps the Constitution, like all of the top candidates so far believe — could forever change what our country looks like. We CANNOT let that happen — let’s take action NOW! We need to let every U.S. Senator know that we will NOT sit idly by while a radical nominee “sails through” the Senate!

United States Justice Foundation
PO Box 131637
Dept Code 2342
Houston, TX 77219-1637”


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