Obama lies deception and disregard for US Constitution and American people is the story, Breitbart.com O'Reilly media ignore story, Birth certificate symptom

Obama lies deception and disregard for US Constitution and American people is the story, Breitbart.com O’Reilly media ignore story, Birth certificate symptom

“I do not know where Barack Obama was born. I do know that he has used taxpayer dollars to keep his records hidden.”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein

My gut feeling was strong when I first crafted this question & continued to publish it.

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

It is ultimately about Obama’s pattern of lies and deception and his disregard for the US Constitution and American people.

It is all about Obama.

Why wouldn’t any legitimate, earnest news organization question Obama on using taxpayer dollars to hide his records?

Isn’t this a big news story Breitbart.com?

Here is a list of some of the US Justice Department attorneys who have assisted Obama in keeping his records hidden. Their representation of Obama is a matter of public record. This list does not include the support staffs.

Eric Fleisig-Greene

Elizabeth A. Pascal

Neal Kumar Katyal Acting Solicitor General

R. CraiG Lawrence

Mark B. Stern

Andre Birotte Jr.

Leon W. Weidman

David A. Dejute

Roger E. West

George S. Cardona

Tony West

Paul J. Fishman

Robert Bauer, who as an attorney with Perkins Coie helped Obama keep his records hidden before Obama took the White House, and afterwards was hired as general counsel, is not included in the list as well as numerous private practice attorneys

Obama continues to engage numerous Justice Department and private attorneys to keep his records hidden. It may be because Obama pretended to be from Kenya to get foreign student aid and benefits. There are quite a few references to Obama being from Kenya including the recently released bio from his 1991 book publisher.

As to the alleged Hawaiian birth certificate.

I still do not know where Obama was born.

Obama, unlike John McCain in 2008, has never presented a certified, legitimate copy of a birth certificate.

Tim Adams, who worked in an elections office in Hawaii in 2008, was told then that there was no birth certificate for Obama.

Neil Abercrombie, the governor of Hawaii and a family friend of Obama, soon after taking office made inquiries and stated that he could find no birth certificate for Obama.

The Sheriff Joe Arpaio cold case posse investigation, along with other experts have stated that the image placed on WhiteHouse.gov is fraudulent.

Even if the image on WhiteHouse.gov appeared authentic, it could not be used in a court of law under scrutiny and questioning due to the following:

The phrase “or abstract” disqualifies it as proof of a certified copy.

Once again we see Alvin Onaka’s name in the “verification of birth” from Hawaii to Arizona on May 22, 2012.

Is this another case of Orwellian semantics or more Hawaiian corruption?

I.E., we know for a fact that someone can be born elsewhere and still get a Hawaii birth certificate, hence the term abstract, a collection of data from sources.

Hawaii corruption?

“Hawaii Corruption Risk Report Card”

Public Access to Information….. D

Executive Accountability…………C+

Legislative Accountability………..C-

Judicial Accountability…………….D+

Ethics Enforcement Agencies…….C



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