Obama lies about UPS bomb?, UPS denies bomb found, BBC confirms no explosive traces

Obama lies about UPS bomb?, UPS denies bomb found, BBC confirms no explosive traces

Increasingly, the story about a bomb found on a UPS flight appears to be fake, a ploy by Obama to appear strong on terrorism before the coming election. What is the truth about this story?

From Fox News October 31, 2010.

“White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said Sunday that explosives discovered on two airplanes could have been detonated en route to the United States, as he warned that more bombs may be out there as part of the same plot.

Brennan, speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” said the plot had “all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.” He would not confirm how many other potential mail bombs, if any, could be on the loose, but said officials are in a “full-court press” to stop Al Qaeda from attacking the homeland.

“We cannot presume, though, that there are (no) others that are out there, and so we are looking at all the packages that are originating in Yemen,” Brennan said. “The threat is certainly ongoing.”

Though the packages armed with explosives, pulled Friday from planes in England and the United Arab Emirates, were addressed to Chicago-area synagogues, Brennan appeared to lend credence to British claims that they were designed to potentially detonate in mid-air.

“This was something that could have been detonated en route here to the United States, or at the destination,” he said, calling them “self-contained devices” which didn’t require anybody to press a syringe or any other kind of external detonator. “It seems as though that these devices were designed to at least be capable to be detonated on the aircraft.””

“According to sources, intelligence officials were tipped off to a pair of explosive packages on planes in England and the United Arab Emirates early Friday morning. After a six-hour sweep of cargo at the East Midlands airport in central England, Leicestershire police came up empty and removed the security perimeter they had set up, British aviation safety consultant Chris Yates said.

But when officials in Dubai said they had discovered a bomb disguised as a computer printer cartridge, authorities urged the British to look again, a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

“As a direct consequence, they put the cordon back up again and looked again and found the explosives,” said Yates, relying on a report given to him by an eyewitness to the searches.”

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From Fox News Insider October 29, 2010.

“We’ve just learned that UPS is denying claims that an ink toner cartridge converted into a bomb was found aboard a United Parcel Service flight traveling to Chicago from Yemen on Friday.

Earlier reports claimed the bomb was discovered when the plane was stopped at London’s Heathrow Airport en route to its final destination. UPS officials have since issued a statement that these claims were cleared as unfounded.”

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“Obama lies about the Bomb at Midlands UK airport”


Ordinarily I would give the resident of the Oval Office the benefit of the doubt. In this instance, given the lack of credibility and the history of lies and deception of Obama, that is almost impossible to do. We are in the midst of the constitutional crisis predicted by Philip J. Berg in 2008.

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