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The American people deserve the best leadership available. The
American people deserve honest and fair reporting from the media.
The American people deserve access to information on the internet.
The American people deserve protection from thugs.


Let it be resolved that:

Despite: Control of information regarding Obama on the mainstream
media and biased reporting.

Despite: Scrubbing and repackaging of information on the internet.

Despite: Personal attacks, smears and death threats on those
questioning Obama and his past.

Despite: Attempts to silence those questioning of Obama through
threats, shutting down of websites and incarceration in gulags
in Delaware and elsewhere.

Despite: Voter tampering on an unheard of scale in the US.

Despite: Lies and manipulation of young minds.

Despite: Attempts to reveal personal information about people
questioning Obama.

Despite: Cutting off Social Security Benefits of those questioning

Despite: Threats of riots and racial tension and tagging people as racist.

We the American people, resolve to seek the truth about Barack Obama
and protect the rights of American citizens. No threats of any
type will deter us from our rights. No threats on our fellow
Americans will be tolerated. We will not allow the American voting
process to collapse into a state of chaos as in Kenya.

Resolved this day, Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Citizen Wells

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