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I just found a new website, exposeObama.com. They are accepting donations to places ads exposing the real Obama that the MSM is not covering. The following is from their site:

“We are a committed group of conservatives concerned that Barrack Hussein Obama would be the worse possible President for America at this time, or any time. Together we have years and years of experience at all levels of political campaigns along with the skill to implement our plan.

Obama is not the candidate of Hope (a better tomorrow, victory over Islamo Fascism, a stronger economy, less regulation, lower taxes) and Change (uphold the Constitution, reduce the federal government to its Constitutional mandates, return a Conservative majority to Washington DC, appoint Conservative judges), rather he is the candidate who hopes for kind of change that the lessons of history repudiate (increase social spending, increase entitlements, increase regulation, crush corporations, control the economy, reduce the military and negotiate with our enemies).

Obama is a liberal, only slightly more stylish than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but equally dedicated to the same causes. He will not bring unity or harmony rather he will bring back the confusion, depression and humiliation of the dismal Carter era.

We ask you to join us, with your support and finances, to expose Obama.”

Click here to learn more:


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