Obama eligibility, US Military, Who can we depend on?, Who have we always depended on?, CNN Orwellian spin

Obama eligibility, US Military, Who can we depend on?, Who have we always depended on?, CNN Orwellian spin

The Obama eligibility saga continues. The Constitutional crisis predicted by Philip J Berg has not diminished. The American patriot LTC Terry Lakin faces court martial this month. The Orwellian attempts by the mainstream media and even Glenn Beck to cover for Obama and misportray his eligibility persist. Recently Anderson Cooper gave a “Oscar winning” performance with his interview of Texas State Representative, Leo Berman. Big Brother, I am certain, is proud of Cooper. I have begun working on a response to the Orwellian manipulation of words and news by Anderson Cooper. He is not going to get away with it.

Anderson Cooper. If you are paying attention. Call me. You do not and can not intimidate me. I have been paying attention.

Now on to the most important part of this message. Who can we depend on? The answer is simple. It has always been the American people in grassroots efforts and the military.

I am always reminded of the Continental Army during the American Revolution along with volunteers who, kept going with the leadership and inspiration of General George Washington during the harsh winter at Valley Forge, endured the hardship to prevail. And when I say hardship I mean many deaths, extreme cold and starvation.

I am also reminded of our struggle during World War II. The thousands of US soldiers who endured hellish conditions, died so that we can have the honor of preserving the Constitution and saving this country and the millions of Americans at home who did their part. Quoting Churchill again, “This was our finest hour.”

So once again, even though they have done their duty to God and country, we must call on the military (who else can we trust) to defend the US Constitution and save this country. LTC Terry Lakin is already making the sacrifice. Multiple generals and officers of other ranks, as well as those without rank have spoken out. We must gain the support of more in the military. Sadly it will take this to get the attention of Congress.

I am asking you to educate and garner the support of more in the military, active and retired. The higher the rank the better. A letter full of high ranking military officer signatures will get the attention of somebody. And increasingly the American public.

I will leave you with a question. Is it possible to court martial Judge Lind for her apparent disregard for the US Constitution?

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