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Larry Sinclair has a new post about Obama’s fake birth certificate and Obama’s lies. Sinclair has a copy of a friend’s certified birth certificate from Hawaii. Sinclair goes on to talk about the AFL-CIO using the fake birth certificate in their mailings. Here is the Larry Sinclair article:

“Thursday, July 31, 2008
Authentic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth


A friend sent me a copy of their Certificate of Live Birth for Hawaii, where they were born. The image is a certified copy obtained in 1983. The only alterations I have done to this is to remove any personal identifying information.

Member’s of the AFL-CIO should be appalled that their Union Leadership has decided to use Union money to produce and distribute some 600,000 mailings that knowingly continue a fraud committed by Barack Obama and the Obama Campaign in claiming a forged “Birth Certificate” is authentic.

Barack Obama has lied about his Birth Certificate,

Barack Obama has lied about the extent of his illegal drug use, about whether he has ever acquired drugs for others or sold drugs to others. Barack Obama has lied about his being a faithful husband and father.

Barack Obama has refused to even acknowledge the claims made by me concerning his smoking of crack cocaine, his engaging in sexual acts with me, and his involvement in an intimate and sexual relationship with Donald Young, or his involvement in the murder of Donald Young. But his campaign attorney Andres W Lopez responds by calling me a “headache for the Campaign.”

I believe the below comment that was posted on BHDC says it well:


Senator Obama often says that his campaign is about the “politics of hope” and talks about how he isn’t running to tear anyone down. It would be nice if that were true but unfortunately, it’s not. For months, Senator Obama and his campaign have engaged in the very kind of political kneecapping and distortion that they now purport to detest. That’s not change you can believe in. That’s not change we want. That’s not change we will ever accept! And, now, his intellectually challenged minions have taken to the internet, infiltrating blogs like a deadly virus, threatening and bullying anyone who does not bow before “the chosen one.” Their attacks range from obscene language rantings on blogs, to posting e-mail addresses and personal information of bloggers, to threats of malicious property damage to vile death threats. If Obama and/or his groups of thugs think for one minute that courageous, proud Americans can or will be bullied and threatened into voting for him……………….then he will be getting a very big “November” surprise! P.U.M.A.

There is no greater proof of a message being true than how hard the messenger is attacked.

The harder a messenger is attacked; the truer and more dangerous the message.

The truth is always its own best defense; all else is hysterical panicked admission of the accusations as they stand.”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:


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