NPR Enterovirus D68 Mystery, Largest outbreak of EV-D68 ever recorded, This is different this year, Something is different, How stupid and/or Obama biased can you be

NPR Enterovirus D68 Mystery, Largest outbreak of EV-D68 ever recorded, This is different this year, Something is different, How stupid and/or Obama biased can you be

“National Public Radio’s Kai Ryssdal recently talked about the weak economy. His guests, two reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times, acknowledged the obvious — that the economy is underperforming.

Yet, in the 20 minutes of my sitting and listening in the car in bad Los Angeles traffic, I heard no one mention the words “President Barack Obama.”… Larry Elder May 10, 2012

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“You can’t fix stupid.”…Ron White

NPR has proven its bias in support of Obama over and over again.

The question is, how stupid and/or Obama biased can one be?

These people have children and families.

Do they not care?

Is their political ideology so strong that it trumps human decency?

From NPR October 9, 2014.

“4 Things We’ve Learned About Enterovirus D68, And 1 Mystery”

“On Aug. 15, doctors and nurses at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., realized they had a problem.

Children were coming into the emergency room with an illness that caused wheezing and breathing problems so severe that some children ended up in the ICU on ventilators. And it was spreading fast.

“By Aug. 20, we were beyond our bed capacity,” Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, chief of the infectious diseases section at Children’s Mercy, said at the IDWeek meeting in Philadelphia.

Since then, the virus that caused those illnesses, enterovirus D68, has sickened children across the country and may be responsible for the deaths of five children. Jackson and Dr. Aaron Milstone of Johns Hopkins Children’s Centers briefed reporters on the outbreak Thursday morning.

Bottom line: There are still a lot more questions than answers about the outbreak and how the virus might affect children’s health in the future, but we’re learning. Here’s what infectious disease specialists have found out to date.

This is the largest outbreak of EV-D68 ever recorded. Cases have been reported in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Though the CDC has confirmed 664 cases as of Wednesday, there are undoubtedly many, many more cases that are causing milder coldlike illnesses. “This is different this year, what we’re seeing,” Milstone said. “Something is different.”

So far it’s impossible to know what’s making it different, Milstone says — if the virus has changed so it’s more dangerous or if it’s spreading so much more widely that we’re seeing more cases, both mild and severe.”

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What’s different?

Obama has allowed thousands of illegal alien children from Central America to be dispersed throughout the country without first being screened for diseases.

He was warned by numerous health care professionals.

From Citizen Wells September 14, 2014.

“These facts are indisputable.

Numerous health care professionals warned of not screening illegal aliens for diseases.

Obama ignored their warnings.

Enterovirus D68 was not widespread in the US before this year.”

“From AliPac September 4, 2014.
“Three months ago, people like Dr. Jane Orient, myself and anonymous Border Patrol agents began to call for quarantine, for the purpose of health screening all immigrants. Many people laughed and said there was no real threat. The invasion of our country, the very invasion that people said was not real, has just endangered the entire country. We are sitting on the beginning of a series of pandemic outbreaks.

Prominent Health Officials Have Called for Quarantining All Illegal Immigrants for Health Reasons

In June, one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient, called for proper health screening as she thought the unbridled and unconditioned entry of illegal immigrants into the country was problematic.

Dr. Austin King, head of the Texas Medical Association, is now calling out Texas Governor Rick Perry and President Barrack Obama to allow doctors to screen all of the unaccompanied children who have been coming across the border from Honduras and El Salvador. The President has remained silent with regard to the request.

Dr. King expressed the view that in order for more doctors to go down to the border, emergency funding would likely need to be approved, and ICE would have to change some policies in order to allow everyone coming across to be screened.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, a prominent preventive medicine physician, who previously served as the former Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, stated that “Legal immigrants are required to pay for medical exams and screening tests conducted by approved physicians before they arrive here. They’re not arriving in the U.S. carrying diseases, and then being dispersed into cities across the nation.” The CDC acknowledges this very fact on their website. Vliet further stated that the CDC’s own guidelines are clearly being violated with regards to the illegal immigrants currently crossing the border.”

“About 20″ cases of a polio-like syndrome have been identified in California children over the past 18 months, a Stanford University researcher says.
Dr. Keith Van Haren, a pediatric neurologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, has written a report about five of the early cases.”

“However, some types of enterovirus are more serious. These can cause hand, foot and mouth disease; viral meningitis; encephalitis (inflammation of the brain); an infection of the heart; and paralysis in some patients.”

From Virology Journal October 11, 2013.


Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) belong to the Picornaviridae family with high similarity to human enteroviruses (HEVs). Limited data is available from Latin America regarding the clinical presentation and strains of these viruses in respiratory disease.


We collected nasopharyngeal swabs at clinics located in eight Latin American countries from 3,375 subjects aged 25 years or younger who presented with influenza-like illness.


Our subjects had a median age of 3 years and a 1.2:1.0 male:female ratio. HRV was identified in 16% and HEV was identified in 3%. HRVs accounted for a higher frequency of isolates in those of younger age, in particular children < 1 years old. HRV-C accounted for 38% of all HRVs detected. Phylogenetic analysis revealed a high proportion of recombinant strains between HRV-A/HRV-C and between HEV-A/HEV-B. In addition, both EV-D68 and EV-A71 were identified.


In Latin America as in other regions, HRVs and HEVs account for a substantial proportion of respiratory viruses identified in young people with ILI, a finding that provides additional support for the development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines targeting these pathogens.


Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are a leading cause of acute illness worldwide and remain the most important cause of pediatric mortality”

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As you know, there is no vaccine for Enterovirus D68 or Ebola.

More stupidity.

From the Observer July 10, 2014.

“Disease Threat From Immigrant Children Wildly Overstated”

“Before demonizing undocumented children, we should look at the facts: The vast majority of Central Americans are vaccinated against all these diseases. Governments concerned about health, and good parents investing in their kids, have made Central American kids better-vaccinated than Texan kids. We fear them not because they are actually sick, but because of powerful anti-immigration narratives that link foreigners to disease.”

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Once again, we know that D68 was found in Central America populations.

And there is no vaccine!!!

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