News on the President’s Secret Son, Danny Williams Bill Clinton’s son?, “He’s aware that Bill Clinton is supposed to be his father”, Prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams mother, Globe first broke story, Newsmax November 2, 1998

News on the President’s Secret Son, Danny Williams Bill Clinton’s son?, “He’s aware that Bill Clinton is supposed to be his father”, Prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams mother, Globe first broke story, Newsmax November 2, 1998


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax Newsmax November 2, 1998.

“News on the President’s Secret Son”

“Thirteen-year-old Danny Williams knows all about his famous parent and he wants the truth to come out, says his aunt, Lucille Bolton.

“He wants to get it out in the open,” Bolton told, speaking out for the first time. “He’s aware that Bill Clinton is supposed to be his father.”

Bolton was the boy’s guardian for years as his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, led a hard life on the streets of Little Rock.

Meanwhile, Danny’s alleged dad mapped out his road to the White House, offering neither financial nor emotional support for the boy.

In an exclusive interview with, Bolton described some of the challenges of caring for the boy she believed to be the president’s only son as he grew up unacknowledged by his biological father in the poor black section of Arkansas’ capital. Once, she even tried to enlist the help of Hillary Clinton during a personal conversation with the state’s then first lady. Another time, Bolton showed up at the governor’s mansion with little Danny in tow — only to be turned away at the gates.

The Danny Williams story first broke in the Feb. 18, 1992, issue of the supermarket tabloid magazine the Globe. The Globe catalogued in detail the relationship between Bobbie Ann and Bill Clinton.Globe featured lengthy direct quotes from Danny’s mother, who described encounters with Clinton that ranged from furitve oral sex behind the bushes to frolicking threesomes in the cabin owned by the president’s late mother, Virginia Kelly.

Clinton reportedly paid handsomely for each session of sex. Bobbie Ann said that Danny was conceived during one of 13 such encounters.

Globe subjected Bolton and Bobbie Ann to two lie-detector tests each. Former Globe editor Phil Bunton confirmed to that both passed with flying colors. Of the polygraph verdict on her sister’s claim that Clinton is Danny’s father, Lucille Bolton told us emphatically, “Doesn’t that mean it’s true?”

Despite problems with the Globe’s credibility, its original story did get some mainstream press coverage. In 1992, not even the then presidential candidate’s press secretary, Susie Whitacre, would deny the story. “There is no comment to be made,” was the only response she had to offer reporters who asked about Danny.

Clinton’s love child was a significant undercurrent of talk and speculation among the press during Clinton’s first run for president, and some of the facts of the case were the basis of Joe Klein’s bestseller Primary Colors. Primary Colors is a story of how a young southern governor deals with a story about having a child with an underaged black girl in the days leadings up to the New Hampshire primary.

The real story of Williams never reached critical mass with the media in 1992. According to Phil Bunton, the Globe had planned a full-blown Gennifer Flowers-style news conference at which Bobbie Ann would introduce Clinton’s long-lost son to the world. But her persistent drug problem made her an unconvincing witness at the time.

Bobbie Ann, however, is “in good health and off drugs now,” her sister revealed during our chat — which could certainly make it easier for Bobbie Ann and her son to go public.

What about the report in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last year that a woman claiming to be Bobbie Ann called the paper and denied any Clinton connection to Danny?

“She ain’t denying nothing,” Lucille says of Bobbie Ann, whom she says she’d spoken with just the night before our conversation.

Sister Lucille dismisses one report that had Bobbie Ann rotting away in a Maryland jail cell and another placing Danny in far-flung Australia.

“They’re in Arkansas,” said Bolton.

She turned Danny over to the care of Bobbie Ann’s second sister, Shirley Howard, in 1994. And according to Bolton, Howard now would like to see Clinton take “one of those DNA tests” to establish once and for all just who Danny’s dad is.

“She wants it out in the open, too,” said Bolton.

As Bolton tells it, the Globe’s 1992 expose wasn’t the first time the Clintons were made aware that their daughter may have a sibling. In 1988, community activist Robert “Say” McIntosh began distributing fliers linking Bobbie Ann’s child to Clinton, complete with a photo of Danny that bore a striking resemblance to the governor.

It was then that Danny’s aunt, disturbed by the publicity, phoned the governor’s mansion and actually got Hillary on the line. In the conversation, which lasted two or three minutes, Hillary asked, “Is it true that he has this illegitimate child?” and gave Lucille the number of a security agency to call in order “to get the publicity to stop.”

She says that, a while later, she went personally to the governor’s mansion to show the Clintons the fliers McIntosh was distributing and also had Danny in tow in order to “get this stuff straightened out.” But she was turned away by troopers at the gate.

To this day, 10 years after her sister Bobbie Ann confirmed to her what her family already suspected, Lucille Bolton remains convinced that her nephew Danny is the president’s son.

“There’s no buts, there’s no ifs, there’s no supposes about it,” says Bobbie Ann Williams’ sister.”

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