NC unemployment rate rises in January, March 2013 reports, Jobless rate up in all 100 counties, Guilford from 9.6 to 10.3 percent, Why no Feb reports?, News Record headline

NC unemployment rate rises in January, March 2013 reports, Jobless rate up in all 100 counties, Guilford from 9.6 to 10.3 percent, Why no Feb reports?, News Record headline

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

In case you have been wondering why the latest NC unemployment rates have not been presented here, there is a reason. The unemployment rate in NC for January 2013 was just reported a few days ago. There was no report in February 2013. I still do not know why. Perhaps there was pressure to delay it. I can understand why.

Thanks to the Greensboro News Record for reporting this and placing it at the top of Saturday’s, March 23, 2013 issue.

The paper edition had these headlines:

“Jobless rate for January rises in NC.”

“All 100 counties saw an increase, including Guilford with 10.3
percent unemployment.”

From the Greensboro News Record electronic edition March 23, 2013.

“Guilford, Rockingham unemployment rates rose in January”

“Unemployment rates rose in each of the state’s 100
counties in January, showing that many communities continue to
struggle with a sagging economy.

Guilford County’s rate rose from 9.6 percent in December to 10.3
percent in January, according to figures released Friday by the N.C.
Department of Commerce.

Rockingham County’s rate jumped from 10.8 percent to 11.7 percent.

Randolph County’s rate was 11.1 percent, up from 9.6 percent in December.

At 20.4 percent, Graham County had the state’s highest unemployment
rate in January.”

“Statewide, rates rose in each of the 14 metropolitan areas.
Unemployment in the Greensboro-High Point metro — which includes
Guilford, Rockingham and Randolph counties — rose from 10.3 percent a
year ago to 10.6 percent in January.

Unemployment rates dropped in 30 counties compared to the same month last year.

However, unemployment increased in 63 counties compared to a year ago.

The latest numbers show that many communities continue to struggle
economically, said John Quinterno of the Chapel Hill-based economic
research firm, South by North Strategies.

Economic activity remains below normal, which translates into a
decreased demand for employees, Quinterno said.

“In many local communities, we started off 2013 not all that radically
different than we started off 2012,” Quinterno said. “We continue to
have a labor market that’s very unhealthy.””

The unemployment rate by county can be viewed here:

Here are the report schedules from the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security. Note there are non from February.

“Previous State Unemployment Rates

Date Title
3/18/2013 North Carolina’s January Employment Figures Released
1/18/2013 North Carolina’s December Employment Figures Released
12/21/2012 North Carolina’s Unemployment Rate at 9.1 Percent in November”

“Previous County Unemployment Rates

Date Title
3/22/2013 North Carolina’s January County and Area Employment Figures Released
1/30/2013 North Carolina’s December County and Area Employment Figures Released
1/3/2013 Unemployment Rates Rise in 81 Counties in November”

From SBN Strategies March 22, 2013.

“Although the numbers are not directly comparable, local labor markets
across much of North Carolina began 2013 no differently than they
began 2012,” said Quinterno. “Simply put, unemployment rates remain
elevated across the state, and twice as many North Carolinians are
jobless and seeking work than was the case five years ago.”

Remember, these high unemployment rates do not include the thousands who have dropped out of the labor force. Finding a recent percent for this stat has been elusive recently but I will will find it. Stay tuned.

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