NC lawsuit, Obama is not eligible, Donald Sullivan, Lt Col, North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, Board of Elections, Class Action, Notice and Demand for Injunctive Relief, Case #08CV1153, Update November 27, 2008

We received an update from Lt Col Donald Sullivan last night regarding his class action lawsuit in North Carolina against Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and the NC State Board of Elections.

“On another subject, as you know I filed a Demand for Injunctive Relief, Case #08CV1076, on October 20th, against the NC Secretary of State to have Obama’s eligibility for the office of President validated.  The Attorney General’s office filed a motion to dismiss on the 27th.  It was a very good motion to dismiss, and on October 29th, my Demand was dismissed for cause, but not “with prejudice”.  What they didn’t know was that I had filed the case without any legal research just to get it on the record before the election.  The result was that the three assistant attorney generals did a great deal of legal research for me in their brief on their motion to dismiss; so I could easily file my follow-up case, with corrections, after the election.  On November 7th, I filed a “class action” Notice and Demand for Injunctive Relief with the Superior Court of North Carolina, Case #08CV1153, with the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State as Defendants.  I have not yet been notified of a hearing date.  I did receive the order from the first case on November 20th.  In it, the judge had added “with prejudice” to his ruling.  I have moved to amend that order and will be heard December 1st.
      I have received numerous phone calls and e-mails from people from all over the country who are either interested in my lawsuit, or who have information to share in its regard.  I was also contacted by the attorney for Presidential candidate and former ambassador to the UN, Allen Keyes, who has filed a similar lawsuit this past week against Obama’s candidacy.  Maybe we have something on this Obama fellow, since there are, at last count, at least 18 similar actions in several states and in the federal courts.  In any event, I am of the opinion that our next president, be he Obama or some other ne’er do well, shall be our last, for all practical purposes.  I am attaching my new Obama bumper sticker for your perusal.
      My next day in court, unless the Obama suit gets there quicker, is on December 1st.  It will be a hearing on my Notice and Demand to Amend Order in the permit case where the county and the court are threatening to destroy my house if I don’t get permits, and charge me almost $40,000.00 in fines, as of this month, for building it without permission.  The Obama motion is also calendared for that date.  Following that, I have a trial on December 15th in my appeal of a conviction in the second right to travel case.  It is, after all, a target-rich environment.”

Lt Col Donald Sullivan NC lawsuit

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