NC Governor Pat McCrory speech on employment misleading, Big unemployment rate lie, Greensboro News Record article, Record numbers leave labor force, Percent of population working plummets, Immigrants get NC jobs

NC Governor Pat McCrory speech on employment misleading, Big unemployment rate lie, Greensboro News Record article, Record numbers leave labor force, Percent of population working plummets, Immigrants get NC jobs

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I am not a fan of modern day political parties.

I detest the modern day Democrat Party and for good reason.

Governor Pat McCrory inherited a mess created by the Obama camp and Democrats in NC. A horrible economic and jobs situation.

McCrory is a likeable fellow and I believe that the Republicans controlling government in NC will try to fix the mess.

That does not excuse him from making misleading statements about the jobs situation here.

From the State Of the State speech February 4, 2015.

“As I said, two years ago, our unemployment rate was the fifth highest in the nation. So we all rolled up our sleeves, made the tough decisions, and as of today, the private sector has created nearly 200,000 new jobs. We went from the 5th highest in unemployment to the 23rd lowest, and now we’re even beating South Carolina. Despite this tremendous accomplishment there are still a lot of communities, small businesses, and individuals that are hurting, and there is still much work to be done. Therefore, my administration’s focus will be on five areas that have the greatest impact on our people. ”

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Much of the drop in the unemployment rate in NC came from people dropping out of the labor force.

From Citizen Wells December 21, 2014.

“Despite what you may have read from the low information mainstream media, baby boomers retiring are not the cause of the drop in the labor force in NC or US.

Do the math or read prior articles at Citizen Wells.

Lack of jobs is the problem.

From May of 2008 to November of 2014, the  labor force participation rate plummeted 5 percent in NC. The unemployment rate is the same.”

The Greensboro News Record may be reporting the facts about jobs because the Republicans are in power.

Greensboro News Record February 5, 2015.

“The unemployment rate in the Greensboro-High Point metro area decreased to 5.3 percent in December 2014, compared with 6.9 percent in December 2013, according to a report from the N.C. Department of Commerce.”

““The state’s labor force shrunk 0.2 percent in November, losing 13,534 people. Over the past year, the labor force has shrunk 0.7 percent, for a reduction of 31,665 people.

A shrinking labor force will drive down the unemployment rate because fewer people are looking for work.”

“Guilford County’s unemployment rate also dropped to 5.3 percent in December 2014 from 6.9 percent a year earlier.

Rockingham County’s rate fell to 5.9 percent from 7.6 per­cent a year earlier.

And Randolph County’s rate dropped to 4.8 percent from 6.4 percent a year earlier.

But the encouraging numbers doesn’t necessarily mean many more people are working. The number of people who are actually working in those counties has improved very slowly or decreased during the same period, suggesting that many people have stopped looking for work altogether.

In Guilford County, 234,645 people were working in December 2014, compared with 233,313 a year earlier. This is part of an ongoing — but painfully slow — trend. The current figure, for example, is not a dramatic improvement from the December 2008 figure of 229,813.

In Rockingham County, 38,865 people were working in December 2014, compared with 38,645 the previous December.

And in Randolph County, 66,626 people were working in December, compared with 66,247 in December 2013. The county’s total employment has not fully recovered since December 2008, when 68,593 were working.”

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It gets worse folks.

From the Center for Immigration Studies August 2014.

“An analysis of government data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that, since 2000, all of the net increase in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a job in North Carolina has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). This is the case even though the native-born accounted for 61 percent of growth in the state’s total working-age population.”

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The US Labor Dept. will release the “unemployment rate” and jobs added for January tomorrow.

Expect more lies.




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