Mystery missile, Second missile?, eyewitness account, Video shows helicopter, Next day missile?

Mystery missile, Second missile?, eyewitness account, Video shows helicopter, Next day missile?

Greg Goss, a long time commenter, has come forward as a witness to a possible second missile being fired the next day after the mystery missile was caught on video. Greg also provided a link to the clearest video of the first missile firing. This video reveals a helicopter.

“I happened to be San Diego when all this happened. This is the best video of the missile. Notice at about 10 sec in you clearly see a Marine helicopter enter the screen from the right. This give perfect perspective for the direction of the contrail. UP

“Then at approximately the same time on the following day I witnessed a second missile. I saw the second ICBM while driving down I15. The sky was clear and from the southern sky I saw what was not a plane. It was heading due north and as it was directly over San Diego it took an 80 degree turn to the west to a heading of approximately 170 degrees. (West, North West) Ascending as it traveled faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. At the same time was a women on the radio trying to describe what I was witnessing. If it maintained it’s current trajectory it was heading directly toward Moscow.

Where did it go? Why were no jets scrambled from base that this thing flew over? Why not one news account except a near by traffic copter that happened to see the first missile? Why was there not one commercial aircraft to be seen anywhere? If I wasn’t out here I would never believe any of this. And coincidentally the entire executive branch is out of the country….hmmm”

A further email query from Greg yielded this response.

“The second “object” that I saw I could not determine it to be a plane as I saw no wings.  All I could see was that it was cone shaped, like a missile.  The contrail was unusually large and only a single trail unlike a plane that would have two or four trails that would merge into one.  It was moving extremely fast.  It went from a position over San Diego to a position over what I would estimate to be Los Angeles in a matter of about one to one and half minutes and ascending.  I did not have a camera with me.
I was listening to KOGO talk radio and after this thing was out of my view I heard a women call in, as they were talking about the missile from the day before, and she described what I saw, although not as well but I sure knew what she was talking about.  When I got back to the hotel I called up a map of the area.  It would appear to me judging by the trajectory I witnessed that this missile was launched off the western coast of Mexico and hugged the coast line probably leaving the coast line around Santa Barbara.  I saw no reports of the this second event anywhere.  I also checked flight paths of commercial aircraft and I found no route that this object traveled.”

Thanks to Greg Goss for this report.


I noticed some more Youtube videos referring to a possible second missile. I will leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions. I have upped this in importance due to the response or lack thereof we got from the US Government and the times that we live in.

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