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First of all, sadly, I was not surprised. Obama was given a forum to distance himself further from Jeremiah Wright and to do multiple soliloquys to talk about change and race relations without answering a question of substance.

The toughest questions, about Wright, had already been addressed. This just gave Obama a forum to present polished diversionary responses.

Obama was asked about the temporary gas tax removal proposed by Clinton and McCain. The real question that any 6th grader could come up with is:

Mr. Obama, what action of any substance during your time in the senate or otherwise have you undertaken regarding solving the energy crisis?

Mr. Obama, Jeremiah Wright, is certainly controversial, but what about your strong ties to Lawrence Lessig and his repeated playing of the gay Jesus video at seminars?

Mr. Obama, what about the allegations made about you by Larry Sinclair regarding cocaine use and connections to Donald Young and his murder?

Mr. Obama, wasn’t your Illinois Senate campaign kicked off in the home of underground bomber Willaim Ayers?

Mr. Obama, what about your ties to Rezko and revelations coming out in his trial about crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois?

Mr. Obama, what about charges of money laundering and undue influence regarding your $ 8,000 per month legal retainer from Robert Blackwell and Blackwell’s ties to Rezko  and the Governor of Illinois, whose name comes up repeatedly in the Rezko trial?

The questions go on and on. The American public deserves answers to these questions. It is apparent, NBC, Meet the Press and the MSM have failed at their job of news reporting and will suffer the fate of the dinosaurs.

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