LTC Terry Lakin court martial, New defense strategy, Citizen Wells open thread, October 5, 2010

LTC Terry Lakin court martial, New defense strategy

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

From World Net Daily October 4, 2010.
“There’s a new lawyer and a new, still-unreleased strategy being developed for a career doctor in the Army who is challenging the president to prove his eligibility to be commander in chief, and therefore document the validity of the orders under his command.

The move is being made by Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, whose most recent hearing in the military judiciary found the judge essentially concluding that he would be allowed to argue only two points at a court-martial: whether he was issued orders and whether he followed them.

According to the American Patriot Foundation, which has been running the Safeguard our Constitution website and working in support of Lakin, that work will continue with minor modifications.

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Specifically, officials confirmed links to a defense fund set up for Lakin will continue to provide the public an opportunity to have a hand in an issue that the officer considers so serious it’s worth endangering his career.
Neither Lakin nor his new attorney, who according to online reports is Neal Puckett, could be reached immediately for details.

But the firm’s website said Puckett served as a ground combat officer for the U.S. Marine Corps and for some time, the firm’s sole focus was military law.

Note: A legal-defense fund has been set up for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. Click for information.

The American Patriot Foundation, in its announcement, said Lakin is repositioning his forces and will be focusing for the next several weeks on the court-martial, scheduled now for Nov. 3-5.

“LTC Lakin is consistent in continuing on the same path that he announced publicly six months ago when he released his first YouTube video – and consistent with his military training, to continue to request assurance from Pentagon leadership that his military orders, including his deployment orders to Afghanistan, are legal – authorized at the highest level by a commander-in-chief who is constitutionally eligible, per Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution,” the foundation confirmed.

“As a medical officer and not a lawyer or constitutional scholar, LTC Lakin is not laying claim to be the sole arbiter of the president’s constitutionality in attempting to determine, without any genuine evidence to make such a determination, the president’s ‘natural born’ citizen status,” the organization said.

“The burden of proof rests solely on Barack Obama to demonstrate to the American people and to the U.S. armed forces that he commands, that he is lawfully serving in his current capacity as head of the executive branch of the federal government,” the foundation said.

The foundation said Army prosecutors, along with the acting judge in the case, Denise Lind, have “made this determination of the commander in chief’s eligibility under the Constitution impossible – by denying discovery – and essentially denying LTC Lakin the customary due process rights that defendants in American courts enjoy when facing criminal charges.””

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