LTC Lakin incarceration, Surrender to Obama?, Nuts!, General Anthony McAuliffe, Defeat enemy, Free Lakin

LTC Lakin incarceration, Surrender to Obama?, Nuts!, General Anthony McAuliffe, Defeat enemy, Free Lakin

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Nuts!”…General Anthony McAuliffe response to Germans December 22nd, 1944

Nuts! is also my response to the enemy. The Obama camp and those that fight to keep a usurper in the White House and ignore the US Constitution.

I next want to point out a couple of interesting things that came out of the LTC Terry Lakin court martial.

First, LTC Lakin’s efforts to get answers and his encounters with congressmen.

“He testified that he started to have concerns about the Constitution during the primary elections, when he was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. He learned that there was controversy as to the natural-born-citizen status of both major political parties’ general election candidates.  He said Senator McCain provided everything he could to address his status, including a birth certificate with the doctor’s name and hospital’s name.  He compared that with

the lack of scrutiny that Senator Obama received.  He had questions about the image of a certificate of live birth on the Internet and relatives stating they were present at his birth in Kenya.  He said he had an open mind, but he was skeptical.  One candidate went through scrutiny, but there was a lack of information as to the other.

Mr. Puckett pressed, “Why were you so interested in this?”  I think he expected the answer to be because of the oath of office, but LTC Lakin instead gave an answer about reading newspapers.  LTC Lakin testified that after the election, he became “extremely concerned.”  He said the issue wasn’t about politics or anything else (probably an implicit denial of racism) but the Supreme Law of the Land.  He stated that he “wanted a valid Commander-in-Chief.”  He testified that after the election, he was no longer comfortable with being selected for deployment.  He was “concerned that the Constitution wasn’t being followed.” 

He believes his “oath as an officer is to protect and defend the Constitution.”  He believed questions about the President’s eligibility “may weaken the Constitution.”  He said he doesn’t know if the President is ineligible and he doesn’t believe that anyone can know.

Neal Puckett asked, “What did you do as a soldier.”  LTC Lakin said his “sought out advice” from his command and from his friends.  He contacted legal assistance at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, who said they would research the issue and get back to him, but then they would never return his calls.  He talked to his  commander and supervisor who said there was an issue and there were questions, but they did not know what to do to answer them.  He then filed an Article 138 complaint.  He was asking, “Please, someone in my command, tell me there’s not an issue about illegal orders.”  He submitted the Article 138 complaint to his company commander and asked him to forward it.  The reply he received back was that his Article 138 complaint was deficient, so the Army didn’t have to answer it.

LTC Lakin then wrote letters to his two Senators and Congressman.  One Senator didn’t reply.  One said the issue had been raised “and Twittered about and been found not to be an issue.”  His Congressman forwarded his letter to Military Affairs.”
“LTC Lakin then became aware he was “on the short-list for deployment.  This greatly concerned me.”  He went to Capitol Hill for face-to-face meetings with one Congressman and high-level staffers.  He was told that the issue was a concern, but the media ridiculed it, so they let it go.”

Second, Neil Puckett uses the word Obsesses about LTC Lakin’s concern over presidential eligibility. I assume that Mr. Puckett is merely trying to protect his client.

“Dr. Lakin innocently and naively thought” that disobeying orders “was the only choice he had.”  Mr. Puckett told the members that “the Army didn’t fail him.  The Chief of Staff didn’t fail him.  He had questions and concerns.  And it became an obsession with him.”  He compared LTC Lakin to someone with obsessive -compulsive disorder.  Mr. Puckett then explained that he obsesses over people who don’t board airplanes and “get their butts in the seat” quickly enough. But Dr. Lakin’s obsession was the President’s eligibility.  “And it ate away at him.”

I will address the word “obsess” used by Neil Puckett.

“But Dr. Lakin’s obsession was the President’s eligibility.”

Obsession is a rather odd word to use for survival instincts and duty.

I will try to write real slow so that the folks on the left and mainstream media can understand. Folks like Maureen Dowd.


The above list of items fall under the heading of basic survival. Do you speak in terms of being obsessed about breathing? Drinking water, etc.?

The list is prioritized with safety last, but still crucial to survival. Referring to presidential eligibility as an obsession is like calling breathing an obsession. What good is breathing if you are not safe in your home, safe from unwarranted arrest or nuclear attack.

Now Congress.

I personally was involved in 2008 in trying to get the attention of three congressmen as well as NC election officials. I prepared an article on what a Natural Born Citizen is and it was made into a video. We had a friend of the family of Ron Paul as an intermediary. Here is the response that we got from Ron Paul:

Late in December of 2008, Congressman Paul was asked if he would
challenge the Electoral votes in Congress. Here is his response:

“If I did that, I would be laughed out of Congress.”

You probably know where this is leading. The US Congress let the whole country down in 2009 when they failed to challenge Obama’s eligibility. This led to the patriot LTC Terry Lakin being court martialed. We are going to hold Congress accountable.

I, by God, had better not hear another congressman quote Twitter or

Let’s roll!

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