LTC Lakin court martial update, CDR Kerchner eyewitness accounts, Prosecution weak, Lakin pleads guilty to lesser charges

LTC Lakin court martial update, CDR Kerchner eyewitness accounts, Prosecution weak, Lakin pleads guilty to lesser charges

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Roses are red, pansies are mellow,
If you don’t support Lakin, you are all yellow.”…Citizen Wells


LTC Terry Lakin

American Hero


From Safeguard our Constitution.

“Today at his Court-Martial, Army LTC Terry Lakin pled guilty to four specifications of refusing to obey lawful orders, one of which was then dismissed as duplicative. In so doing, he stood before Judge Lind and over and over told her that he was wrong to have disobeyed his orders, which were lawful.

He then pled not guilty to the most severe charge against him, missing the movement of US Air Flight 1123 on 12 April 2010. His sole defense to that charge will be that he was never ordered to board that flight, but instead that his orders required him to report to Ft. Campbell, KY and did not specify the means of transportation.”

I spoke to CDR Charles Kerchner, Dr. Kate and others last night just after the Birther Report did so. The VOIP (voice over internet protocol) I was using to allow a speaker phone conversation and recording failed so we were forced to improvise with my cell phone held up to the recording device. After listening to the Birther Report video, it is apparent that the problem was on the other end . The comments below are from my memory, my recording and the Birther Report video. I will try to put out a summary video later today.

The following is paraphrased as close as possible to the actual dialogue and every effort has been made to be accurate. Here are the more important parts of the conversation.

Standing room only in the courtroom.

Reporters from NBC, AP, NY Times. We tried to talk to them and passed out flyers.

The first half of the day was just getting through reading him his rights.

Two charges:

1. Missing movement. He believes he is not guilty of that because he did not miss movement.
He pleaded not guilty.
They are trying to say that because he did not get on that plane that he missed movement. The movement (deployment) would have been from Fort Campbell and he could have still made it there.
2. Disobeying various orders.  (CDR Kerchner’s words)

They had a conference before (defense and prosecution)
LTC Lakin, on advice of his counsel, pled guilty to a lesser charge which only carries 18 months instead of another 24 months for dereliction of duty.

There were 6 prosecution witnesses. The prosecution tried to hammer home the idea that Lakin did not show up.

Did any of you order LTC Lakin to be on US Air flight 1123? They all said no.
He could have driven to Fort Campbell. He disobeyed orders to travel in the US from Walter Reed to Fort Campbell.
He did not miss movement and the government is piling on charges.
Neil Puckett cleverly pointed out that not using airline tickets is not missing movement.
He was never specifically ordered to be on that airline.

 CDR Kerchner spent a ,lot of time describing what missing deployment or movement means. He used the Naval example of a ship leaving port and not being aboard the ship. He emphasized that LTC Lakin did not fail to deploy.

The prosecution team appeared weak, Judge Lind rolled her eyes at one point in response to them.

Witnesses were inconsistent.

Testimony that LTC Lakin disobeyed orders to deploy fell apart.

There were some Obama supporters present but they were way outnumbered. Maureen Dowd and some others
were laughing when LTC Lakin pled guilty to some of the charges.

I asked the question that had stayed on my mind. Was the blatant bias against LTC Lakin a ploy to give him a legal avenue to overturn a verdict and keep discovery out of the focus. Several listening thought it was an interesting thought. CDR Kerchner went on to talk about his experience regarding discovery and standing.

The consensus was that Puckett was doing a brilliant job.

This is the big revelation:

One of the prosecutors slipped and mentioned  the natural born citizen question.

My response to the Maureen Dowd NY Times, aka, Obama Propaganda Ministry, article:

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