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First of all, I was notified that Dr. Taitz confirmed that the Supreme Court Justices weren’t making a decision until 10am Monday.

Leo Donofrio has provided an update on the Supreme Court Docket, campaigns by other people and radio interviews
today, Friday, December 5, 2008.

“I must admit that past comments of mine regarding the docket entries of Nov. 19, one for the Justice Thomas referral and one for the distribution for conference, might not signify any affirmative action.   I cannot get a straight answer from the Supreme Court despite many attempts.  Different press sources have also received various explanations as well.

I’ve examined other dockets for applications and I cannot say with any degree of certainty what the docket entries mean.   I have requested an explanation from the Clerk numerous times and guidance from the Public Information Office.  The PIO did try to help, moreso than the Clerk’s office, but I am more confused than ever.

Muddying the waters is the  Reporter’s Guide to Applications Pending Before the United States Supreme Court, specifically page 3.

I am removing from my blog, all references which indicate any knowledge of what the docket entries mean.  And let me go on the record to apologize if it turns out that my analysis of the docket was erroneous.   I did the best I could with the information I had.

I was told by the stay clerk on Nov. 6 that Justice Thomas would deny a renewed application.  But, if what the Reporter’s Guide says is true – that it’s current standard practice for the renewed application to be referred to the full court – then the stay clerk, whose job it is to handle applications, had no business telling me Justice Thomas would deny the renewed application.

And he didn’t deny it.  (Donofrio resists temptation to stick out his tongue and say, “Nah na nah na na”… barely.)

The communication and tactics taken by the Supreme Court Clerk’s office have been abysmal.   I have absolutely no respect for that office.

Regardless, I take full responsibility for the confusion and must go on record now as saying I have no idea what the docket entries mean, or if they mean anything at all.
I have not been given any information on the disposition of the application at the conference today.   SCOTUS did issue a miscellaneous order granting certiorari in two cases today.

The rest of their orders for today should come out on Monday.  If I had to read into this, I would say it doesn’t look good, but it’s just a guess.  The Public Information Office said they have no information other than what the Court published today.   The full order list will be out on Monday.

I wish I could give better guidance, but I can’t.


I also want people to know that I appreciate all the letters sent, but I never supported a form letter.   I was adamant about that and I was hoping people would formulate their own thoughts and not sign a kind of petition.   People need to think and express themselves form their own personal heart and mind.

As I reported below, the letter didn’t address the issues of my case, and the solicitation for participation in the campaign did unfortunately mix up the birth certificate issue, something I’ve really tried to avoid.  I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and that the only people with standing to certify that info are the various Secretaries of State.
But I do appreciate so much that people laid out money to support the Constitutional issues raised.   And I know it was important for folks to be heard before the conference today.  I just don’t like the concept of bulk e mails.  It’s not like the Justices will read them over and over.  Think about it.

I’m not into herding.  I’m into individual expression.  And I refuse to tell people what to say.  I’ve been consistent about that.

The World Net Daily letter campaign had nothing to do with me and I did not endorse it.  But I do appreciate the effort everybody made, including WND.   It’s just not my style and never will be.

Also, I will not be involved with any press conferences on Monday, Dec 8.  If you see my name associated with that anything like that, please know it is not with my permission.  If you don’t read about something involving me on this blog, assume my name is being used without my permission.


At 7:30 PM EST, I will be on The Laurie Roth Show.

At 9:00 PM EST, I will be on The Lion’s Den, Plains Radio Network.

At 1:00 AM EST, I will be on Coast To Coast with George Noory.  Their web site hasn’t been updated yet, but I haven’t emailed the release form back yet, so give it an hour or so.

That’s the last radio I’m doing unless certiorari is granted.  I have refused all requests for TV interviews and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome.  Radio is a much more powerful form of communication.”

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