Larry Sinclair, OBAMA PLACES ME ON SECRET SERVICE WATCH LIST, Larry Sinclair was in St Paul, Larry Sinclair signs too visible?, Obama Brownshirt tactics

I know someone in the Secret Service, I will enquire into this.  Citizen Wells

Larry Sinclair was contacted by an insider and notified that the Obama camp has placed Sinclair on their watch list. Larry Sinclair was at the Republican National Convention in St Paul and received a lot of exposure for his encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair had his sign displayed on the local Fox Affiliate site, had many photos taken, talked to numerous RNC delegates and spoke to US and foreign press. Think this might have had anything to do with the Brownshirt Obamanites blocking Larry Sinclair?

Here is Larry Sinclair’s article:

“Sunday, September 7, 2008
The Barack Obama Campaign, along with Senator Obama (according to sources inside) has placed my name on the “Secret Service Watch List”, in an effort to continue to silence me.


Additionally, do not go near any event where BO is attending. You are on his Secret Service watch list. DO NOT GO NEAR HIM!
Now why would Barack Obama use the Secret Service to prevent me from appearing at any event that Senator Obama was attending? I have not (unlike the Obama Campaign and its supporters/surrogates) ever been threatening or abusive to anyone. Why would Obama then, use the Secret Service to prevent me from attending a “PUBLIC” event? What is the Senator afraid of? I thought the Obama Campaign, through its surrogates such as Andreas Lopez, and Axelrod, said I was someone who was a liar. So why would you be so scared that you have to abuse the power of the secret service to if I was such a liar?

Maybe the Obama campaign has started to realize without Obama coming out and saying it, that I am now and have from day one always been telling the truth about November 1999 and Donald Young!

I guess when the Biden AG’s office failed to get me to plead to a crime I did not commit, the Campaign now brings in the Secret Service where the Biden’s failed?!

To add me to the “Watch List” because I insist that the Senator from IL answer simple questions goes beyond the abuse of that office by a candidate.

It appears to me that only people supportive of Obama/Biden may attend “Public” events now.!!”

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