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I just heard from Larry Sinclair. Sinclair has confirmation of receipt and Sinclair’s attorney, Mr. Sibley,  has been contacted by a Chicago Police detective requesting that Sinclair or Sibley speak to him. Larry Sinclair alleges a drug and gay sex ecounter with Obama in November 1999 and also alleges that Donald Young contacted him shortly before he was murdered. The following is from Larry Sinclair’s blog:

“On April 1, 2008 I sent via fax a notarize affidavit to the Chicago Police Department concerning communications between myself and the murdered Choir Director, Donald Young of Trinity United Christian Church, in Chicago, IL.

At 9:25am Central time today, I received a message on my answering machine from a Chicago Police Department Detective asking that I or Mr. Sibley contact him at the number given in the message.

I notified Mr. Sibley and Mr. Sibley and the CPD Detective did speak by phone.  This is all the information that I can report at this time.  I have previously stated I will cooperate with the Chicago Police any way that I can in the sincere investigation into the communications between Mr. Young and myself and his death.  I continue to stand by that commitment.”

Read more about this breaking story and the allegations of Larry Sinclair here:

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