Kenneth Starr The Clintons’ Accomplice, NewsMax article, July 1, 1999, Christopher Ruddy, Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity the most corrupt administration in the history of the country continues with no end in sight

Kenneth Starr The Clintons’ Accomplice, NewsMax article, July 1, 1999, Christopher Ruddy, Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity the most corrupt administration in the history of the country continues with no end in sight


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Apparently their archives only go back to 2007.

It was retrieved from and is therefore presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax July 1, 1999 via

Kenneth Starr – The Clintons’ Accomplice

Christopher Ruddy
July 1, 1999

The Independent Counsel law lapsed last night at midnight.
And Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said the law should not
be re-authorized.

Obviously, Starr believes that, because his own investigation
was a waste of tens of millions of dollars, the Independent
Counsel law should be trashed.

The truth is that the Independent Counsel law is a good law.
When corruption has been rooted out in places like France and
Italy, it has usually been the result of an independent
magistrate — their version of our Independent Counsel.

We also know that when Independent Counsels like Donald
Schmalz and Daniel Pearson did their jobs, the Clintons were
in a high state of panic and used every possible means to
stop them. We know that Bill Clinton has been fearful of
another Independent Counsel being assigned to investigate
Chinagate, allegations that he took Chinese campaign cash
and gave away nuclear secrets.

The law should stay. It’s Ken Starr who must go. A weak,
pathetic character, he has more responsibility than any other
man in American history for the woe the Clintons have, and
will wreak, on America.
The Hubbell Deal

Just how pitiful Starr’s “prosecution” has been was
demonstrated this week when Webster Hubbell admitted to
committing a felony by misleading federal investigators,
and a misdemeanor by failing to pay taxes.

Any normal citizen would have been jailed and fined for such
crimes. Not Webster Hubbell. Under Starr’s plea agreement,
Hubbell will be on parole and serve no jail time. He won’t
even pay any fine or restitution.

Worse, Webb Hubbell still doesn’t have to cooperate with
Starr in his investigation of the Clintons. Hubbell
continues to insist, “… I have no knowledge of any
wrongdoing on behalf of the president or Mrs. Clinton.”

Starr’s failure to seek Hubbell’s cooperation — a basic
condition of granting a plea agreement — violates the most
fundamental procedures followed by federal prosecutors.
But flouting procedure is nothing new for Starr.

In December of 1994, when Hubbell admitted to having bilked
his clients at the Rose Law Firm and evading taxes, Starr
purposefully botched the plea agreement by not demanding
Hubbell’s cooperation. Starr’s actions so infuriated Starr’s
own trial attorney, Russell Hardin, that Hardin resigned.

Hardin was incensed that Starr planned on signing a plea
agreement without debriefing Hubbell as to what he knew and
how he would cooperate — a mandatory procedure for any plea

This time around, Starr simply made no pretense he would seek
Hubbell’s cooperation.

Just two weeks ago, the New York Times reported that Kenneth
Starr had decided not to seek indictments against Bill and
Hillary Clinton for crimes they had committed related to
Whitewater or related scandals. It’s hard to get indictments
if no one will talk. It’s nearly impossible to get people
to talk, if the prosecutor doesn’t pressure them.

As any honest prosecutor on Starr’s staff will admit, Starr
had long ago decided not to indict the Clintons, or for
that matter, any White House official. Some believe Starr
actually cut a deal with the Clintons soon after coming
Pet Worm

Ken Starr is Bill Clinton’s pet worm. Starr has played out a
role in the greatest Mutt and Jeff, Good Cop/Bad Cop routine
ever perpetrated on the American public.

Even good folks, who realize how bad the Clintons are, have
fallen victim to Starr’s charade, taken in by the propaganda
that Starr is the “tough, mean prosecutor” out to get the
President, just like James Carville says.

That’s simply a mirage, cooked up by the White House spin
What Nolanda Hill Told Me

Is it really possible that Bible-toting Ken Starr — arch
Republican, shirt-sleeve Christian, and Monica prosecutor
— is on the Clintons’ side?

Let me answer by relating this story:

As the long-time lover and business partner of Clinton
confidant Ron Brown, Nolanda Hill had intimate knowledge
of the inner workings of the Clinton White House.

As a result of Congressional complaints, Janet Reno was
forced to appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate
Brown, his business dealings with Nolanda Hill, Brown’s
son Michael, and several other people.

The Independent Counsel in this case was Daniel Pearson from
Miami. Unlike Starr, Pearson and his deputy were no one’s
patsies. Instead of using Starr’s delaying tactics, Pearson
had, within months, built a strong case against Brown,
Brown’s son, and Hill. Nolanda Hill told me they were going
to be indicted.

Then Brown made a desperate bid to save himself. Just weeks
before his death on April 6, 1996 Brown met with Clinton at
the White House and made it clear he was not going to take
the fall for an administration rampant with corruption.
Brown wanted Clinton to handle Pearson the same way the
White House had handled Starr.

Handled Starr?

Hill explained. Starr was appointed Independent Counsel
in August of 1994, after the three-judge panel decided not
to appoint Robert Fiske. The Clinton White House publicly
expressed outrage that Starr, a “partisan” Republican, had
been selected as Independent Counsel.

That’s the way the Clintons wanted the world to see it.

In fact, Hill told me, “when Starr was appointed, they were
opening champagne bottles in the White House, they were
celebrating.” According to Hill, Starr has actually been
on Janet Reno’s short list for the post of Special Counsel
at the time she picked Robert Fiske.

“They would never had put him on the short list if they were
worried about him,” she said.

In his meeting with Clinton, Brown knew that Starr was under
the White House’s thumb. He pleaded with Clinton to do the
same with Pearson by having Reno interfere in Pearson’s
probe, and by ordering Justice Department attorneys on
Pearson’s staff to back off.

Brown also asked Clinton to have the FBI obstruct the Pearson
probe by withholding critical information. Brown, Hill said,
was well aware that FBI agents were not working for Ken Starr
in his Whitewater probe but for Reno and the White House,
giving the Clinton Administration de facto control over
the Starr investigations

According to Hill, Clinton told Brown not to worry.
“I’ll take care of it,” Clinton said.

Just weeks later, Brown’s plane mysteriously crashed into
the side of a mountain in Yugoslavia and the Pearson probe
was closed.
Starr Betrayed the Country

Starr’s inquiry has continued. This August will mark Starr’s
fifth anniversary as Independent Counsel. During his five
years on the job, the public has received more than enough
information to evaluate his performance.

There are dozens of examples of how Starr has betrayed the
American people and his oath as an independent counsel.
To cite a few:

— During the time Starr was investigating the Clintons,
Starr was working for a company wholly owned by China’s
Peoples Liberation Army and notorious arms dealer
Wang Jun.

— Starr hired Mark Tuohey as his Washington deputy. Tuohey
is a liberal Democrat close to the Clinton White House who
even threw a party at his home for Janet Reno. (It came
as no surprise that when Tuohey left Starr’s office, he
joined Vinson & Elkins, the law firm representing the
Rose Law Firm before Starr’s office.)

— Starr trashed a fundamental principle of American
jurisprudence: equality before the law. Starr created
a new and bizarre standard for deciding when to issue
indictments. Under Starr’s new formulation, ordinary
citizens and lower-level officials needed little evidence
of wrongdoing to warrant an indictment. But Starr raised
the bar absurdly high for White House officials. Thus
Starr’s office could indict a banker in Arkansas, but
Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for the exact same
offenses. This is nothing less than a grant of titles
and nobility for government officials, which is expressly
prohibited by the Constitution and a major reason why we
fought the Revolutionary War.

— Miquel Rodriguez, Starr’s lead prosecutor in the case of
Vincent Foster, resigned rather than be part of a
cover-up. Starr’s out-and-out cover-up of Vince Foster’s
death began with his wholehearted acceptance of the report
issued by Robert Fiske. Key witnesses, such as several
Arkansas troopers who said they knew of Foster’s death
hours before the White House did, were never put before
a grand jury.

— Starr’s prosecution of the Lewinsky case was a wild
goose chase. He had no original jurisdiction to
investigate this matter, and only did so at Janet Reno’s
request. Starr waited nearly eight months to sign a
plea agreement with Monica. In essence, she never really
cooperated against the Clintons at all, claiming to this
day that Clinton “never told me to lie; no one offered me
a job …”

Still, some Starr fanatics argue that Starr did pursue the
Lewinsky matter and seek Clinton’s impeachment. I ask:
So what?

When the Lewinsky scandal broke, I accurately illustrated,
in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, what would happen. Starr
would delay his scathing report on Lewinsky, which would be
so damaging to Clinton that it might even call for his

And Starr’s report was delayed and issued at the end of the
year, pushing the impeachment vote until after the elections
and saving Clinton again. Throughout the Lewinsky matter
it became clear that Starr was creating a diversion for
Clinton’s real crimes; Clinton would never be removed from
office over a sex scandal.

Most egregious of all was Starr’s mishandling of key
Whitewater witnesses David Hale and Jim McDougal. Hale
spent some 18 months in prison and was punished with huge
restitution demands — even though he was the chief
cooperating witness.

McDougal, who also cooperated, was sent to federal prison and
was apparently murdered when prison officials purposefully
withheld life-sustaining medications.

But convicted criminals like Webb Hubbell and former Arkansas
Governor Jim Guy Tucker, who both stubbornly refused to
cooperate, got off easy. Tucker never served one day in

If the guilty and unrepentant get off easy, what type of
prosecution is this. It’s not time to blame the Independent
Counsel Law; blame the prosecutor who wouldn’t do his job.
Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity, the most corrupt
administration in the history of the country continues with
no end in sight. God save us all.”

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