Jim Pendergraph runoff election July 17, 2012, Pendergraph endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio questioned Obama eligibility, Charlotte Observer attacked

Jim Pendergraph runoff election July 17, 2012, Pendergraph endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio questioned Obama eligibility, Charlotte Observer attacked

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“Pendergraph’s long experience as a public servant, especially his 12 years as Mecklenburg County sheriff, would be an asset. He understands the value of service to constituents and responding quickly and efficiently to their cares and concerns.”…Charlotte Observer

Jim Pendergraph, who entered the race for NC 9th Congressional District Republican Congressman late (Feb. 2012), will be in a runoff election with the other top vote getter Robert Pittenger on July 17, 2012. This despite the efforts of the Charlotte Observer to discredit him after endorsing him.

From the Charlotte Observer May 9, 2012.

“District 9: Runoff looms for Pittenger, Pendergraph

Pittenger, Pendergraph lead in chase for Myrick’s seat”

“Republicans Robert Pittenger and Jim Pendergraph, whose feuding dominated the crowded primary in the 9th Congressional District, are poised to take it into a July 17 runoff.

Buoyed by strong showings in the Charlotte suburbs, Pittenger led the 10-man field with about 33 percent of the vote. Pendergraph had about 25 percent.

While each fell short of the 40 percent needed to win outright, both lapped the 10-man field. Edwin Peacock, a former Charlotte city council member, ran third with about 12 percent. State Rep. Ric Killian had about 10 percent. No one else had more than 7 percent.

The eventual winner will be the favorite in November against Democrat Jennifer Roberts and Libertarian Curtis Campbell in the heavily Republican district that includes most of Mecklenburg County and parts of Iredell and Union.

The candidates are running for the seat being vacated by Republican U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick of Charlotte. It’s open for the first time in 18 years, and only the fifth time in six decades.

“I think we brought a clear, conservative message to the voters,” Pittenger said Tuesday night. “They know that I will stand for those values in the future. … This has been a grass-roots effort with lots of involvement. It hasn’t just been Pittenger.”

Comparing spending

But only two House candidates in the country spent more of their own money. Outpacing his rivals, the Charlotte real estate investor and former state senator gave his campaign $1.1 million.

Pendergraph, a Mecklenburg County commissioner and former sheriff, has run as Myrick’s hand-picked successor. He was the target of a barrage of ads by Pittenger.

“He spent a million and a half dollars, and I’m nipping at his heels,” Pendergraph said Tuesday night. “If I had spent (that) I’d be really disappointed if I don’t blow out all the candidates. … Everything he has said, he either has stretched the truth or out-and-out lied.”

Pendergraph, under attack from Pittenger and a super PAC that supports him, struggled to compete financially.

Through mid-April, he’d raised $173,000, less than three rivals. Last week he loaned his campaign $20,000, saying, “The well’s near dry.”

Pittenger defended his ads, which have flooded mailboxes as well as airwaves.

“Of course Mr. Pendergraph has pandered and flip-flopped,” he said. “We’ll show the distinctions between the two of us.”

Pittenger, a social as well as fiscal conservative, won support from voters like Carter Brydon, a south Charlotte Republican. He said he liked Pittenger’s “big-time Christian values.””

“Last week Pendergraph stirred controversy when he said he had “reason to be suspicious” of President Barack Obama’s claim that he was born in the U.S. and thereby eligible for the presidency. His remarks on the “birther” issue prompted the Observer to retract its endorsement for the first time.

It also appeared to cost him some votes.

“I was going to go with Pendergraph (until) the birther stuff,” said Richard Ellis, a south Charlotte Republican. “That’s kind of silly. I think it’s an issue that’s been put to rest.””


Mr. Ellis, you have been lied to by the mainstream media.

Jim Pendergraph, I applaud you.

When in the Charlotte area in recent years, I heard nothing but good things about Jim Pendergraph. Obviously the Charlotte Observer had the same opinion before Pendergraph questioned the messiah, Obama (see quote above).

“But we give our nod to Mecklenburg County commissioner Jim Pendergraph. We believe he has broad appeal and understands the district’s needs best. He speaks with a strong conservative voice but seems pragmatic in how he would represent the district – focusing on constituent needs and getting things done.”

Read the history of Jim Pendergraph being endorsed by the Charlotte Observer and then attacked by them.


Why any concerned American should question Obama.


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