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Jerome Corsi was in Kenya recently on a fact finding mission. He was
detained by the Kenyan Government and allegedly deported. Sean Hannity
spoke to Mr. Corsi today after Corsi arrived in England. Here are some comments I received on this blog today:

“I just heard that Corsi was on Hannity’s radio program already and said he has a “bombshell” to drop about Obama!!! Did anyone else hear this?”

educatedwhitewoman informs us of PROOF Corsi brought back from Kenya – implicating Obama with Odinga and his masacre! Hannity had Corsi on the phone from London this past hour.”
“Please Inform Mr. Berg that Corsi has secured documentation and Email evidence that connects Obama with Odinga and it shows direct connections and involvement in the Kenyan elections…….

This is a violation of the Logan Act.”
“FYI, Jerome Corse was on the phone today from England on The Sean Hannity Radio Show.

Corse will present paper evidence that Obama communicated via e-mail from his Washington office with a member of the Kenyan Government; instructing that Kenyan official how to deal with an election if you loose. EG, Claim voter fraud, riots and the like.”
Approximately two months ago, this blog and the Petition to Impeach, expel
Senator Obama site received a document and story regarding Obama’s visit
to Kenya in 2006 as well as a document leaked from the ODM party of
Raila Odinga. From the comments above, it appears that Jerome Corsi may
have the same document that was revealed on this blog almost two months

Here is the Citizen Wells article with a copy of the ODM game plan:

Now visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:

Is this the document that Jerome Corsi has?

I have referred to this document several times in articles that compare
the strategy of the Obama camp to that of Raila Odinga and the ODM party.
The full document can be viewed at the above link. Here is some of the
text of the ODM Game plan:


Core Strategy Team:

Prof Peter A Nyongo, Secretary General ODMProf Edward Oyugi AkongoProf Patrick WanyandeProf Larry GumbeMr Adams Oloo

1. Purpose
To ensure that the Orange Democratic Movement (hereinafter referred to as
ìODMî) remains united and focused through out the national presidential campaigns
TO ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is elected the fourth president of the Republic
of Kenya in succession to the current President Mwai Kibaki
To ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga secures an absolute majority of parliamentary
seats in the tenth parliament to facilitate the ease of the intended constitutional

2. Preamble
The just conclude ODM Presidential nominations have ended the speculation and
competition within the ODM ranks with Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (hereinafter
referred to as the Candidateî) emerging as the Partyís presidential torch bearer. The
enthusiasm and overacting support extended towards the Candidate have debunked
the myth that
As a member of the Luo community Hon Raila Odinga is not electable to thepresidency in Kenya

This document is intended to provide the conceptual guidelines and roadmap for
the periods leading up to the presidential elections set for December 2007. This
document notes the challenges and obstacles likely to confront the Candidate.
These include

Hon Kalonzo Musyokaís potential to play spoiler

The involvement role of ex-President Daniel arap Moi, his financial
resources country-wide political network, experience and strong following
in the Rift Valley.

Kibakis incumbency and track record

The financial muscle of the Mt Kenya elite and their potential to play
rough and dirty.

The following pages outline a strategy for overcoming the odds and delivering the presidency
to Hon Raila Odinga and ODM in the December elections.


Hon Raila is charismatic and ambitious

Kenyans appreciate him as a fearless crusader for truth, justice and democracy

Has no publicly debated allegations of corruption

Great crowd puller/mobiliser/entertainer

Descends from a legendary family

100% devoted following of the Luo community

Recognized as the individual best credited with the incumbent election to
President in 2002

Won the 2005 Constitution Referendum

Anchored by tribal chiefs with the potential to draw multi-regional support

Limited understanding on economic matters

Has been faulted as having exhibited a knack for political party relationship

Association with Communism

Potential for linkage to the underdevelopment in Nyanza

The 1982 coup

Acrimonious parting of ways with Wamalwa Kijana (Luhya Western) Moi
(Kalenjin, Rift Valley) Kibaki (Gema, Mt Kenya region) and Kalonzo
(Kamba , Eastern)

Matters surrounding corruption allegations related to the molasses plant,
Kisumu and implications of corruption as alleged by the Ndungu Report

Pin down Mwai Kibaki on his 2002 promise to be a one term president

Capitalize on matters related to the dishonoured MoU of 2002

Take advantage of Mwai Kibakisí Laziness and laidback attitude

Exploit anti-Kikuyu sentiments

Leverage the vulnerability of the Kibaki administration responses to corruption
matters as the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg scandal. Seize this
opportunity to confront him with a powerful anti-corruption campaign message

Ditto the £130b stashed away by Kanu leaders

Artur brothers and their raid to the Standard Group


The Candidates religion and perceived state of religiosity

The publicís perception of the candidateís Communism

Kibera in his Langata constituency is the least developed and most volatile area of



Damage incurred from Hon Rutoís recorded statements on the Candidates unelectability

The Candidates potential for ad-hoc and imrpovised statements


Based on the above SWOT

a the Candidateís Strengths and Opportunities significantly outweigh hisweaknesses.

b The Candidates/Party popularity is imminent should we recreate andmaintain the euphoria achieved during the 2005 Constitutional Referendum
and in the last General Election.

The Grand Entrance
As earlier agreed in order that our candidate campaigns commence with impact, it is necessary
that he exit Kenya to lay foundation for a grand home coming similar to Matibasin 1992 and Kibakis in 2002. Whereas the party has identified areas such as Nigeria and
Middle East as regions of interest, it is recommended that the Candidate focus on Europeand the United States where Diaspora is active) for this purpose. A lengthy absence will
starve the country of Hon Raila and stimulate an outpouring of adoration that will take usto victory.

Kikuyu Alienation

Owing to this strategyís success during the 2005 referendum, it is the partyís position itshould be utilized once more for the General Election. There is overwhelming feeling
among the non-Gema communities that the Kikuyu are selfish bigots dedicated to a tribalhegemony who will never share the spoils of government with other communities. Underpinning
this strategy is the blessing that ODM campaign has able pointmen in Mudavadi,
Ruto, Balala and Ntimama who can efficiently galvanize their respective communities
around the anti-kikuyu initiative. Concurrently, every effort must be made to undermine
Kalonzo in order to prevent him from emerging as an alternative avenue for antikikuyu
sentiment. In this regard, particular caution should be placed on regions such asRVP where Kalonzo has the potential of attracting some of our votes. Anti-Kikuyuism
must be reinforced with promises of jobs and economic gains to key players from everycommunity supporting this initiative.

The Class Issue

It is possible to trigger a class war by painting the Kibaki Government as an insensitive,
uncaring group of Muthaiga Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this
strategy could also resonate with poor kikuyu youth who feel economically marginalized
by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the
emotions within all youth constituents who may it successful, be willing to vote for us inthe protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme.


It is absolutely essential that through out this campaign, Raila remain aligned to theWestern Countries (such as the United States) in order to take advantage of the deteriorating
relationship between them and Kibaki. ODM can expect both financial and politicalsupport particularly from the United States.

Pull All Plugs

This being the contest of a lifetime, the party should employ all available means to ensurea victory. Subterranean campaigns will therefore form a critical component of our activi

ties. Corruption in the Kibaki Government, the mess of Kibakis domestic situation and
the soap opera of the Artur brothers provide ready material for this war.
The Media
Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media. Even
though a number of senior media managers are active in our campaigns, we should establish
strongest Media Centre possible, manned by local and international experts. Indeed,
we must approach this issue with the understanding that victory in the media war could
very well mean victory at the polls.
Identify the Fixers.
There is no doubt that the key regional point men are invaluable to this campaign as
without them the whole thing could tumble. In order to insulate the candidate from attacks
on his person, not all advertising and campaign efforts should be focused on him.
At the same time, all possible efforts should be used to retain discipline among the party
leadership, including reminding them of their vulnerability.
Tap into pledged funding from external donors including Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Libya, The Democratic Republic of
Congo as well as individual /institutional caucuses such as GTZ network, Cyril Ramaphosa,
the Deya Ministries and US Republicans among others.
Below is the schedule of activities that will lead to the implementation of our strategy
How to Activate
When to Activate
Action By:
The Anti-Kikuyu crusade
1. This is an important wedge issue. It will help galvanise the rest of the country against a
common enemy and set the overall theme of our campaign
1. Mass media (allusion to predominance of Kikuyus in public service and business
2. Public Rallies
3 Leaflets

4 Viral e-mail and SMS
Through out the campaign period, heightened activities three weeks before elections
All members R.O. to lead the execution of this strategyUhuru Kenyatta as Kibakis Choice for 2012

1. 1. Accentuate the anti-Kikuyu sentiments.
2. Cause unease within PNU ranks
3.Attract Luhya vote by eliminating the belief that there will be a Luhya successor
4. Communicate the intention to retain power within a select group of prominent political
(Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki)
Speculative newspaper articles /opeds

Public pronouncements at all campaign rallies

Blogs/web forums

Leaflets, with special focus on Western Kenya and RVPImmediately, with heightened media activities end of November

Kipkoech Tanui & Okech Kendo.
2. R.O
5. Majimbo present the promise to the electorate that they will retain their resources
at the exclusion of foreigners particularly the Kikuyu, Akamba and the Indians. It is particularly
important in galvanising the Coastal vote.
1. Public Rallies in RVP Western and Coast
2. Op-Ed columns in the mainstream media
3. TV/FM radio call in shows
Public forums such as workshops with high profile personalities such as Ghai.
Immediate heightened activities sin December
Ruto to lead campaign team.
CorruptionBranding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary salvos and a
campaign theme worth pursuing through out the electioneering period.

Press conferences, themed under specific premises such as Telkom and Safaricom
TV, Radio, Billboard advertising.
Newspaper articles, radio and TV talkshows.
Campaign Rallies
5. Viral email, Mashada Blogs, You tube and SmSThrough out the campaign period with heightened activities in NOV/DEC

All RO to provide core leadership.
The Githongo DossierGithongo has so far provided the most important ammunition in branding the opponent as
irredeemably corrupt. He still is capable of killer blowRelease more incriminating recordings from his time in Government10 days before electionsJ Odindo to provide Nation forum.

R.O. to release material already in custodyThe Artur Brothers
This Saga presents unending opportunities to embarrass the Kibaki teamInduce brothers to release their long awaited book at the right moment. Our mediapartners are waiting to serialize the contents.
Two weeks before the elections

The age issueOur core supporters are essentially young people whoa re angry about the domination ofKibaki politics by frail septuagenarians.
Billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people in the Kibaki team; contrast this withbillboards of Hon Raila with young people- the promise of a buoyant future.
immediatelyCommunication team
1. Prepare ground for rejection of
1. Press conferences
Oct/Nov/ DecAll
Unfavourable results 2.Increase interest in monitoring activities to ensure no rigging

3. Deflect attention from ourselves should opportunities be available to manipulate voterturnout in our green areas.
Op-Ed Columns
TV/FM radio call-in shows

Petitions to embassies and ODM- friendly NGOsí
Public Rallies

Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a lastResort
To discourage voter participation in hostile areas
Continue pro-Majimbo utterances

Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas

Support Kapondiís forces in Mt. Elgon

Leaflets targeting the Kikuyus, Kisiis, etcMid-Dec
Bring Alexanda Sitienei”

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