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“I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of his judgement, truthfulness, reliability, loyalty, and trust–all absolute tenets of command.”


Commander of the Swift Boats in Vietnam, 1968-1969

First we have the Obama Campaign and the Fight the Smears website
and now we have the John Kerry Truth Fights Back site. They are both
straight out of “1984” by George Orwell with their doublespeak,
revisionist history and Thought Police.

The following is from the Truth Fights Back site:

“Why Stop The Smears? tracks, debunks, and counters the smears of the right wing against Democrats. We are dedicated to trying to end smears of all sorts, working against a style of politics that have become too prevalent, where emotional push-button attacks substitute for vigorous debate on the issues.

It is our hope that we can play a role in exposing the methods and goals of those who smear Democrats so that we can decide our elections on the issues and values that matter to Americans.”

So, like the Obama Fight the Smears site, they are against smears
and “emotional push-button attacks”???

The Truth Fights Back site has begun a vicious attack against
Jerome Corsi, author of “Obama Nation”, a current best seller that
reveals the truth about Barack Obama. Here is the article they
posted about Jerome Corsi:
“The Smear:

Jerome Corsi, who made his name smearing the Catholic Church and lying about John Kerry’s military service, crawled out with another book attacking a Democratic Presidential candidate, The Obama Nation. In it, he claims to be focusing on policy and making charges about Obama’s policies that are too numerous to mention here. Conservatives point to the “best-seller” status of the book to bolster their claims of legitimacy.

The Truth:

Like his other books, Corsi’s book is littered with lies and distortions. Media Matters has numerous falsehoods in its first pass. See some of them here: The “best-seller” status of the book was achieved through the use of large bulk purchases. This is a common tactic of the smear machine for these books: sympathetic rightwing organizations and individuals make large purchases of these books to push the book onto the best-seller lists to try to give the book a cover of legitimacy the lies and distortions wouldn’t give it on their own. The publisher of this book is a company headed up by Dick Cheney’s long-time spokesperson, Mary Matalin. The Obama campaign has found so many inaccuracies in the book, they’ve put together a 41 page PDF document detailing all of them. Download it here. Join and help us track and fight back against each of Jerome Corsi’s lies as the rightwing tries to spread

Start fighting back against this smear by telling your friends and family the truth.”
Pay close attention:
“In it, he claims to be focusing on policy and making charges about Obama’s policies that are too numerous to mention here.”

They do not mention an alleged “lie” specifically.

Why did they not mention the alleged biggest lie or top 5?
Here are comments posted:
“”Debunk & Discuss
Comments for “Fringe author Jerome Corsi Lies Repeatedly About Obama”
Posted August 13th 2008 3:51PM by Marg Corkery
What a crock of crap!!  The only way GW Bush got elected in his first term is with help from his brother Gov, Jeb of Fl.and the Sec. of State in Florida.  The second term the Supreme Court elected him.  Obama needs to be more aggressive and fight back on everything the Republicans (Karl Rove) are saying or he will lose!  Tell him to give them hell for an 81 year od Democrat Grandma!!!

Posted August 13th 2008 4:14PM by Ginnie Siena Bivona
It’s about time!!! If we don’t stand up and shout down these lies who will??? I have already e-mailed the McCain web site, asking that they tell me what their goals are, and stop the smears and innuendos against Obama…I’m making my voting decison based on policies and plans for this country, not bad rapping the other guy.

Posted August 13th 2008 5:17PM by Susan
Why not just take this author to court? Isn’t there such a thing as libel anymore?

Posted August 13th 2008 5:48PM by burton
ok the reason this s*** (stuff?) gets any traction is no one acts outraged when asked to respond. when joe smear goes on tv and says to kerry’s face that he is unamerican. and that obama is unamerican and kerry doesn’t stand up and put at least a finger in joe smear’s face and call him on it. what would happen if some democrate said to mccain’s face that he was unamerican? would mcains surgates continue if they knew they would be called up on this s*** (stuff?) soneone who calls me unamerican who never served would get me in thier face so fast they would wonder if i was going to punch them out. call me a coward and we see who backs down.

Posted August 13th 2008 6:03PM by Stout House
We need more than Media Matters to effectively neutralize the smears laid out in Corsi’s book. Cite Media Matters to any right-winger and they immediately dismiss the legitimacy of their refutations based solely on the group’s self-proclaimed Progressive agenda.

Are there other, non-partisan sources out there hard at work debunking Corsi’s lies?

Posted August 13th 2008 6:15PM by Terri Strother
Thank you for fighting back against this nonsense.  Don’t these people realize that smears and not truth.  People can find out the truth if they take the time to investigate.

Posted August 13th 2008 6:21PM by Pratima Petersen
Jerome Corsi is the worst person in the world. Keith Olberman should put him in there!
Senator Kerry is so right. This is the same old, same old tactic that these nil brain Republicans use to twist the truth. The fact is so many Americans are so out to lunch they believe everything they hear and see on 24 hour cable tv. There are populations in places around this country who are so uneducated that they can not think outside the box. The irony of it all is that these are the same people who elect the very President who will work against them when this President takes office. And, the really pathetic part of this whole same old saga is that these people never learn. These are the tax payers whose very property are being foreclosed and whose taxes are bailing out these private corporations. Is this insanity to its nth degree or what? If the American people succumbs to this kind of stupidity all over again, God help us all. This time there is no going back. Reversing the current situation will be next to impossible if another Republican President is in the White House. God Forbid if McCain gets in there. He will take us back to the Cold War era. I really feel sorry for these people who are in so much suffering. However, blessed are the ignorant and they will inherit the demise of this republic. The Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves. I for one did not put George W. Bush’s name on the ballot during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Suffice to say I have no blood on my hands and I have a really clear conscience. In other words I did not participate, ergo I do not carry any karma.
Yeah…… These people deserve what they get. Goes the saying; “when you are ignorant, you are stupid, therefore you are poor” Poor, meaning not only in terms of money but as a whole, one’s own very existence…So, I say WAKE UP AMERICA! BE ALERT! BE INTELLIGENTLY INFORMED! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! We are lucky this time because the media is so ready to debunk what ever lies the republicans are using as propaganda against Barack Obama. I do not know about you guys but this is really getting old and really tiring….They accuse Barack Obama as an elitist. Oh well, only an intelligent individual will be able to bring about change, not the mobocracy.

Posted August 13th 2008 6:38PM by Sharon
Corsi has absolutely no credibility, but that will not stop people from buying, reading, and believing what he has written about Obama.
Already, Corsi is admitting to the media that he had an agenda when he wrote the book—and that is to insure that Obama is defeated.

Your assessment as to Corsi’s book is correct as is your opinion that we must fight back on a united basis with the truth.  Corsi’s book is clearly another “Swift Boat” attempt to win at all cost and we cannot afford as a Party (nor as a nation) to let that happen again.

Posted August 13th 2008 6:54PM by bluedog
the truth will set you free

Posted August 13th 2008 6:55PM by Laurice
I am a Counselor, what I have noticed something about the republican tactic to try to make the lies they repeat to be the truth…..

In counseling and more so in Hypnosis when a person is in a receptive state of mind ( as one would be relaxing in living room watching TV) the therapist will repeat a phrase over and over and when trying to say …. stop smoking… the client is then to take the tape home and listen over and over again until… (this is the reason it works) the subconscious then becomes re-wired and begins to have a new foundational framework to continue to build new schema layers of thoughts…….  So they have been saying things like “successes in Iraq” constantly never wavering.  I can see McCains body stiffen ( even more that usual) when he is asked a question that confronts one of these Hypnotic lies (I call them)
He gets quite defensive and then very shortly leaves the subject and makes sure to repeat his lie over and over as much as possible his next chance……
So its like Subliminal Hypnosis and they are using and using it with Blatant lies……..
The fears that many have like: Obama’s race and his religion: and this is mostly the old Hard line conservatives and people who are uncomfortable with racial differences ( these people are also low on the IQ scale, thus easier to sway to an agenda)
The conservative hardliners are working hard to infuse the American low level collective to the lies of FEAR and Hatred…..

And Using the same tactic would be wrong but there is bound to be a way you guys could get some scientists that prove what I am saying and put them on TV…..
Something has to be done…. They have ruined this country and this world with their greed and power hungry ways…..
May God Help us……”
These comments typify Obama supporters and their responses to
questions and facts regarding Obama and his past:

Personal attacks:

Attacks against Corsi, Republicans, GW Bush, McCain, and everyone
in the universe that questions Obama.
(Of course personal attacks), referring to everything but specific
aspects of Obama and his past, race card, religion (notice this was
mentioned-which religion do they believe he has?)

Elitist remarks:
“I am a Counselor”, “these people are also low on the IQ scale”,
“conservative hardliners are working hard to infuse the American low level collective to the lies of FEAR and Hatred”

What is missing:
No mention of any “lies” told by Corsi and no factual response to
an alleged “lie.”
Instead of listing the alleged “lies” written by Jerome Corsi, they
mention this:

“The Obama campaign has found so many inaccuracies in the book, they’ve put together a 41 page PDF document detailing all of them.”

Citizen Wells will be providing an article on the Obama Campaign
PDF file
that uses biased MSM and blogger quotes to attempt to
discredit Corsi. I have, and have read “Unfit for Command” and
“The Obama Nation.” Both books are well documented and fact filled
books about two of the biggest liars to have ever sought the office
of president.

We urge you to read “The Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi and do lots
of research and ask questions. This blog is a good place to start.

We are living in a time when the warnings of George Orwell have become reality. The thought police of the Obama Camp are trying to control what information you have available and are rewriting history.

Voice your concern over Obama and his thought police here:

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