Hillary’s Reign of Terror, Her enemies have been harassed investigated audited and blacklisted, Hillary’s 1993 purge of the White House Travel Office goal was to free up jobs for political cronies, Newsmax February 28, 2000

Hillary’s Reign of Terror, Her enemies have been harassed investigated audited and blacklisted, Hillary’s 1993 purge of the White House Travel Office goal was to free up jobs for political cronies, Newsmax February 28, 2000


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax February 28, 2000.

“Hillary’s Reign of Terror
Richard Poe
February 28, 2000

Wake up, New Yorkers! Our freedom is in peril. Not since 1776 have we faced so dire a threat. British forces routed George Washington that year at Brooklyn Heights, dooming our city to seven years of enemy occupation. It was a dismal time for New York. But darker days will come if Hillary Clinton wins in November.

King George III was a powder puff compared to Hillary. The last eight years have revealed her brutal character. Hillary has abused the police powers of the state more brazenly than Nixon ever dared. Her enemies have been harassed, investigated, audited and blacklisted. If this woman comes to New York, her Gestapo tactics will come with her.

Consider Hillary’s 1993 purge of the White House Travel Office. Her goal was to free up jobs for political cronies. Instead of dismissing the old employees quietly, Hillary orchestrated a massive smear campaign against them. The FBI, IRS and Justice Department were assigned to dig up dirt on Travel Office director Billy Dale and his team.

Dale was prosecuted for embezzlement, his taxes audited, his FBI background file turned over to dirty tricks specialists in the White House. Only after two and a half years of harassment was this innocent man finally cleared of criminal charges.

“Travelgate” was an appalling abuse of executive power. But it was soon swept under the rug. The White House stonewalled five federal probes into the scandal, withholding key documents and witnesses. In the end, investigators simply gave up.

“Never before has a President and his staff done so much to cover up improper actions and hinder the public’s right to learn the truth,” noted William F. Clinger’s House Government Reform and Oversight Committee in its Travelgate report.

The paper trail leaves little doubt that Hillary was calling the shots in Travelgate. For instance, the notes of White House administrative director David Watkins show that, five days before the firings, Hillary said, “We need those people out – we need our people in. We need the slots.”

A Watkins memo further states that White House staffers knew “there would be hell to pay if…we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the first lady’s wishes” regarding the Travel Office.

You’d think that New York journalists might take an interest in these matters. But the press has kept a tight lid on Travelgate. Most New Yorkers haven’t a clue what the scandal was about.

Filegate has been similarly whitewashed. How many New Yorkers know that over 900 FBI background files on potential enemies were secretly obtained by the White House? How many know that Hillary is a key suspect?

Several witnesses have stated that Craig Livingstone, the White House operative who obtained the files, was Hillary’s agent, reporting directly to her. This would dovetail with reports that Hillary ran a “war room,” whose purpose was to “smear, defame and harm perceived adversaries,” as alleged in a lawsuit by Gennifer Flowers.

Judicial Watch, which represents Flowers, has filed suit on behalf of several women – including alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick – accusing the White House of using FBI files to intimidate, silence and discredit them.

Hillary, of course, denies everything. And her defenders sneer that even Ken Starr couldn’t prove that Hillary abused FBI files.

Maybe not. But no one ever “proved” that Frank and Jesse James were bank robbers either. Frank James was acquitted three times, in three trials, for lack of evidence. And the only charge the U.S. government ever managed to pin on Al Capone was tax evasion. The lesson? Bad guys often get away.

Many of Hillary’s supporters know the truth about her corruption. But their powerlust overwhelms their scruples. In that respect, they resemble Hjalmar Schacht, the brilliant financier who pulled Germany out of depression and saved Hitler’s regime.

In 1933, reporters in New York handed Schacht a dispatch from The New York Times, seeking his reaction to allegations of Nazi atrocities against the Jews. The enraged banker crumpled up the dispatch and threw it down. “What atrocities?” he cried. “All lies!”

Five years later, after Schacht had quarreled with Hitler, he remarked at a dinner party, “Madam, how could I have known that we have fallen into the hands of criminals?”

How indeed? Perhaps a good start would have been to have read that New York Times dispatch, instead of crumpling it up.

Like Schacht, Hillary’s partisans have every chance to learn the truth. Detailed accounts of Hillary’s abuses can be found in such bestselling books as Ann Coulter’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Barbara Olson’s Hell to Pay.

But you won’t see Hillary’s cheerleaders lining up to buy copies. Like Schacht, they prefer to look the other way.

No matter. We’ll press on without them. Plenty of New Yorkers are willing to stand against Hillary. Our state has earned a bad reputation, of late, as a playground for Democratic Party hacks. But there is another New York that Hillary has yet to reckon with.

Down on the corner of Broad and Pearl streets stands Fraunces Tavern, where patriots plotted revolution over tankards of ale. Near 66th and Third, Nathan Hale mounted the gallows, declaring, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

By nature, we New Yorkers are a tolerant breed. From the Adirondack mountaineer to the Soho loft-dweller, our motto is ‘live and let live’. But be warned, Mrs. Clinton. Beyond a certain point, we cannot be pushed. In over 200 years, no tyrant has trod on Nathan Hale’s grave. Do not imagine that you will succeed where George III failed.”


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