Hillary Clinton Webster Hubbell criminal ties, Newsmax “Hubbell knows where the bodies are buried”, November 17, 1998, Hillary and Hubbell Rose Law Firm, Webster Hubbell convictions and collaborations with Hillary

Hillary Clinton Webster Hubbell criminal ties, Newsmax “Hubbell knows where the bodies are buried”, November 17, 1998, Hillary and Hubbell Rose Law Firm, Webster Hubbell convictions and collaborations with Hillary


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Apparently their archives only go back to 2007.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax November 17, 1998.

“”Hubbell Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried”

Sam Smith
November 17, 1998
Washington–When Webster Hubbell was indicted yet again — this time on 15 counts stemming from allegedly criminal legal work he did with Hillary Clinton — the Associated Press described the major Whitewater crook as a “former golf buddy of the president’s” and Reuters called him “a confidant and golfing partner.”
Thus do major media continue to distort the scandals of the Clinton machine — building up trivial targets such as Linda Tripp and minimizing central figures such as Hubbell. Here are a few of the things worth knowing about this central figure:

— Hubbell’s relationship with the Clintons goes back to the 1970s. In fact, Webster Hubbell’s father-in-law, Seth Ward (another mystery figure in the Whitewater saga) was one of the members of the Little Rock Airport Commission that hired Hillary as its lawyer in 1978 after dumping another attorney.

— In 1983, Hubbell, Hillary, and her purported lover Vince Foster joined in an investment scheme that named each other (rather than their spouses) as beneficiaries, according to Clinton biographer Roger Morris.

— In the mid-1980s Hubbell helped to draft the legislation that allowed the later notorious Arkansas Development Finance Authority to take over most of the best state bond business. The bonds, involving hundreds of millions of dollars, were personally approved by Clinton and his cronies with the details handled by the brokerage firm of subsequently jailed drug distributor and Roger Clinton drug debt underwriter Dan Lasater. AFDA became a political piggy bank for Clinton’s friends or, as we say these days, his golf buddies.

— According to Morris, Hubbell, Hillary, and Foster “staged a veritable coup to wrest control of the Rose Law firm in 1988.”

— In February 1993, TPR reported, “As Clinton was fumbling around trying to find an attorney general, the Justice Department was under the watchful, albeit highly unofficial, eye of Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s former law partner.

Hubbell is also a close buddy of Clinton’s. Back when Clinton decided it was time for a state ethics commission, he appointed Hubbell to it. After the state house of representatives passed strong ethics legislation, it got hung up in the state senate. Thereupon, according to the New York Times last spring, Clinton, Hubbell and others rewrote the legislation to exempt the governor from some of its most rigorous provisions. …. Hubbell also was the lawyer for Park on Meter, a parking meter manufacturer in Russellville, Arkansas, which received the first industrial development loan (for $2.75 million) from the Arkansas Development Finance Authority in 1985. It has been suspected that POM was doing a lot more than making parking meters — specifically that it had secret federal contracts to make components of chemical and biological weapons and devices to carry them on C-130s for the Contras.”

— Charles R. Smith of Softwar newsletter reported recently that “Republican insiders are grumbling” that their efforts to investigate Webster Hubbell’s involvement in the handling of encryption technology has been blocked “because the secret National Security Agency is threatening to retaliate against Hill members.” At issue is Hubbell’s role in the Clipper chip fiasco in which the NSA-pushed “bug on chip” was to be required on all telephones, faxes and computer modems. Softwar quoted a Republican Capitol Hill staff member as saying that the NSA ‘does not want Hubbell investigated.’ The NSA has quietly threatened to ‘out any congressional member like Burton’ who mentions Hubbell with encryption and China.

— Hubbell was eventually convicted not of some offense the Washington establishment now regards as trivial — such as lying to a grand jury or obstruction of justice — but of the real crime of tax evasion and mail fraud involving the theft of nearly a half million dollars from his partners at the Rose firm and failing to pay nearly $150,000 in taxes.

— After quitting the Justice Department and before going to jail, Hubbell was a busy man. He met with Hillary Clinton, and followed up by getting together with major scandal figures John Huang, James Riady, and Ng Lapseng. Riady and Huang went to the White House every day from June 21 to June 25, 1994 according to White House records. Hubbell had breakfast and lunch with Riady on June 23.

Four days later — and one week after Hubbell’s meeting with Hillary — the Hong Kong Chinese Bank, jointly owed by Lippo and the Chinese intelligence services, sent $100,000 to Hubbell. Huang, incidentally, formerly worked for the Hong Kong Chinese Bank. Hubbell also received $400,000 from other sources.

— Three weeks later, according to the Washington Weekly, Huang began working for the Commerce Department, receiving numerous top secret intelligence briefings and making extraordinary use of the fax machine at a Stephens Inc office across the street from Commerce.

— Here is the president’s response to a news conference question about whether the Lippo Group’s hiring of Webb Hubbell after he resigned from the Justice Department and shortly before he went to jail wasn’t a bit suspicious. For your benefit, we have numbered Clinton’s denials: “(1)Well, first of all, I didn’t know about it. (2) To the best of my recollection, I didn’t know anything about his having that job until I read about it in the press. (3) And I can’t imagine who could have ever arranged to do something improper like that and no one around here knows about it. (4) And I can tell you categorically that that did not happen. (5) I knew nothing about it — no — none of us did — before it happened. (6) And I didn’t personally know anything about it till I read about it in the press . . . (7) And I am just telling you it’s not so.”

— Although supposedly cooperating with the independent prosecutor, Hubbell has never revealed what he did for Lippo, telling a 1996 congressional hearing only that “nobody promised me a damn thing.”

— Hubbell was accused of other cons after his departure from the Justice Department. LA controller Rick Tuttle charged that Hubbell defrauded the city by submitting consulting bills that were “materially false” and which “greatly exaggerates the services provided.” The LA contract — dreamed up by some Clintonistas — was one of the sweetheart deals provided Hubbell to help him wile away the time before going to jail.

— Before serving time, Hubbell testified at a Senate Whitewater Committee hearing concerning Vince Foster. He told the committee, “I think, you know, we were all concerned. Vince had lost weight, had seemed to be depressed.” In fact, Foster weighed three pounds more at his autopsy than he had seven months earlier. Following Foster’s death, reported Christopher Ruddy, Hubbell also told the FBI a story dramatically different in other respects. The FBI report said that Hubbell “did not notice Foster acting differently in the days or weeks before his death. …. Hubbell answered no to all questions concerning any noticeable changes in Foster’s personal appearance, physical ailments, headaches, loss of appetite or any nod of stomach trouble. …. Hubbell stated that he was not aware that Foster was experiencing any type of stress.”

— Hubbell talked from jail with White House aide Marcia Scott. Scott — after warning Hubbell off a law suit that might hurt HRC — adds, “Peter Lewis is this very, very wealthy man from Cleveland and, in fact, I talked to him about you. He owns Progressive Insurance Company.” Scott said that Lewis thought Hubbell could help set up a fraud division in the company:

HUBBELL: I certainly know about that. SCOTT: This is why I was talking to you. He said ‘God he could . . .could come in and teach us a bunch of stuff.’ HUBBELL: You bet. SCOTT: I said, ‘He’s been on both sides of it.’ HUBBELL: I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen every bit of it.

Scott also told Hubbell that she had vacationed with Lewis in Italy and flown back to America in his jet with him. And the top White House aide assured Hubbell, “People are starting to talk about what you’re going to do next — how they can help. You’ve not been forgotten. I mean, people have sought me out to tell me that. Frank was one of them . . .And he’s talked to, I think, Mickey and some others.”

— A December 1994 White House memo designed to help staffers keep tract of the two score scandal issues that had arisen listed as number 11, “monitor cooperation” of Hubbell with the federal prosecutor.

— According to a subsequent indictment Hubbell continued his criminal ways by failing to pay taxes on the close to a million dollars that he had mysteriously received from a variety of sources including his “consulting” contracts.

— US Judge James Robertson, a 1994 Clinton appointee, threw out the tax evasion case on technical grounds. Neither the Justice Department nor the IRS would show the slightest interest in collecting the back taxes Hubbell still allegedly owed. Unless overturned on appeal, it appears that Hubbell will not only avoid trial for his alleged crime but not have to pay back taxes either.

Before the appeals court on October 21, Kenneth Starr said, “Let us assume arguendo that the Riady money was hush money. We are talking here about literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultancy income in a business that was rendering virtually no services.”

— From the late James McDougal: “Hubbell knows where the bodies are buried”


Several observers believe that Starr made a bad mistake giving John Huang partial immunity in the Hubbell case. Huang, believed to know about far more serious matters including illegal foreign campaign contributions and possible espionage, could become a far less useful source (a la Hubbell) now that he can play the immunity game. Says Judicial Watch attorney Larry Klayman, who confirmed 100 intelligence briefings given Huang, “Starr has shown a tendency to further his own investigations at the expense of others …. Now he appears to have potentially compromised criminal prosecutions of John Huang.””






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