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This is not the article I promised on Harry Reid but it is part of raising awareness on how to kick Harry Reid out of office.


Dear Fellow Conservative,
I’m running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada to kick liberal Democrat Harry Reid out of office once and for all. https://secure.donationreport.com/donate.html?key=AKPLUEZNZMUX

Harry Reid supports big government and all that comes with it – tax hikes, wasteful spending and government takeovers. If we retire him, we can bring the runaway liberalism in Washington to a screeching halt.

Will you follow this link today and make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my campaign?

I don’t want our children or our grandchildren paying for Harry Reid’s spending spree, and I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s time to stop Harry Reid and his liberal allies, but I must have your support.

When news got out that I was entering the race, the respected non- partisan political analyst Charlie Cook moved this race from “Likely Democratic” and declared it a “Toss Up.” But while I’m already ahead in the polls by up to 10%, Harry Reid is still ahead of me in two ways.

For starters, I do not have your support – yet. And second, Harry Reid has stuffed $8.7 million into his campaign war chest and he’s twisting arms for more cash every day.

In the past Harry Reid has won by intimidating people, so this campaign will be an ugly fight. In fact, more than 383 days before the election, Harry Reid launched his television campaign, because he has the money, and he knows Nevadans know he is out of touch.

But I’m ready for this fight. I’m a strong conservative, successful business woman, a former state Senator who defeated the sitting state Senate Majority Leader, so I’ve been in all kinds of tough battles. But I do need your support.

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help me defeat Harry Reid!

Harry Reid has been in politics for more than 4 decades, and he is completely out of touch with Americans. In fact, he thinks that Washington houses all the intelligence, but we know that isn’t true!

Early polls show me ahead of Harry Reid, and I’m confident we can defeat him and send him into retirement. But I need you on my team from the beginning. Will you follow this link and make a generous contribution today?

Thank you in advance for you support. I know that together we can put Harry Reid into retirement.


Sue Lowden

P.S. It’s time to retire Harry Reid’s liberal agenda and his love of spending taxpayers’ money. I’m ready to bring a conservative voice to the U.S. Senate, but first I need your support. Will you follow this link and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my campaign today?





Citizen Wells

Harry Reid and his cronies are trying to force a government option health care plan on the American public against our will.

Let’s help the good citizens of Nevada remove Harry Reid with his liberal agenda, disregard for the US Constitution and support for ACORN.

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