Greensboro ranked 2, Most religious city in US, NC, Charlotte Raleigh Durham rank high, Citizen Wells open thread, November 13, 2010

Greensboro ranked 2, Most religious city in US, NC, Charlotte Raleigh Durham rank high

I was born and raised in NC. I live in North Carolina now. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lived here and been surrounded by so many good people. So many people trying to live their lives the right way and care about others. I am forever praising my home state and giving thanks for my parents, teachers and friends from church and everyday life. The following news came as no surprise to me.

From the Charlotte Observer November 11, 2010.

“Magazine ranks Greensboro as #2 most religious city in U.S.”

“A new study by Men’s Health magazine ranked Greensboro number two on the magazine’s list of America’s Most Religious Cities.

Colorado Springs, Colo. topped the list. Three other North Carolina cities ranked high on the list of 100, Charlotte was number nine, Raleigh, 13, and Durham, 14.

Men’s Health said it scoured U.S. Census Bureau data, the yellow pages and other resources to rank America’s holiest hometowns.
Among the criteria was the number of places of worship per capita. In Greensboro they abound.

“There are a lot of choices here in town. It’s a good sign,” said Clarke Martin, executive director of Guilford Interfaith Hospitality Network. “I’m encouraged by it. It did make me think about what’s going on in the rest of the country.”

The magazine looked at the number of religious organizations in each city. Martin’s is one of many in Greensboro and churches are its life blood.

“We have 59 churches that support our network,” he said. “We’re a homeless center for family. Homeless children and their parents are who we minister to.””

“”This is a good community. People like living here,” said Lana Gainey, a Network volunteer and parishioner at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. “If we are members of churches I think our pastors and our ministers reach out to us to help.”

The rankings wouldn’t likely change hearts, but Martin said it looked like Greensboro’s heart already was in the right place.

“It’s good to know in Greensboro that there are indications that God is at work,” he said.”

Read more:–2-most-religious-city-in-u-s-?ap=1&MP4

I have traveled over much of the country. I have found good people everywhere. I have also listened to people making disparaging remarks about the south, the bible belt and those who attend church. It is true that too many attending church are less than perfect. However, the vast majority of those I have been around who have the moral compass, and I don’t mean just protestants, who believe that there is a creator, who believe in the golden rule and who try to live their lives in  a godly manner, have made this a better world, and most definitely, a better state.

God bless NC and America.

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