Glenn Beck pay attention, Get better researchers, Radio show needs improving, Glenn call me

Glenn Beck pay attention, Get better researchers, Radio show needs improving

Glenn Beck is likeable. I try to like Glenn Beck. I agree with many of his positions and he does a pretty good job on his Fox show. I do not listen to his radio show that often because he and his sidekicks need to grow up. He also needs some quality researchers, not the jacklegs currently working for him. Beck, et al, really screwed up on insulting concerned Americans questioning Obama’s eligibility.

I was traveling down the highway a few minutes ago and Beck and his sidekick were discussing the Chevy Volt and making stupid, ill informed remarks again. Glenn Beck actually went on to make some intelligent well informed remarks later about energy.

I can safely say that I probably know more about energy in general and in many cases specifically than Beck. Before I continue, I am not addressing government takeover of GM or other decisions made at GM. Glenn and his buddy were making immature, ignorant remarks about the Chevy Volt. They were making light of the 40 mile range on the electric power of the vehicle. They compared it to the 100 mile range of the Nissan Leaf. Indeed, that was my first reaction before I did more research and thought about it. Here is the truth about the Chevy Volt vs the Nissan Leaf.

  • Most Americans, most days, drive under 40 miles.
  • Whenever a longer trip is needed, the gasoline generator kicks in.
  • The Volt can serve as a single car for a person or family.
  • The Nissan Leaf has a range of 100 miles period before charging. Charging takes time. Lot’s of time.
  • For most people, the Leaf must serve as a second vehicle.
  • The Volt is the best solution for phase one fossil fuel independence.
  • The Volt, covering a high percentage of days driving, will work best for most people to reduce gasoline usage.

Glenn Beck, call me. I am still waiting.

Now to give Beck credit. He spoke of the virtues of hydrogen fuel and made an intelligent comment. Off peak nuclear generation could be directed to producing hydrogen. I did not hear him say it, but wind and solar can also be used to produce hydrogen.

And Glenn Beck, the real question is why has Obama employed so many private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?

Glenn Beck, call me. I am still waiting.

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