Donald Trump and intelligent Americans make sense, O'Reilly Beck Coulter make nonsense, Obama birth certificate natural born citizen controversy

Donald Trump and intelligent Americans make sense, O’Reilly Beck Coulter make nonsense, Obama birth certificate natural born citizen controversy

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Why do Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck continue to ridicule intelligent Americans who question Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility status?”…Citizen Wells

Donald Trump, who is intelligent, successful and educated in some of the finest schools, is asking the simple questions about Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility. Contrast Trump’s intelligent questions with the comments from uninformed people like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter who are acting more like left wing kool aid drinkers whose strongest response is to ridicule Trump and other Americans.

From Canada Free Press April 12, 2011.

“On Hannity’s show, Coulter (who is often quite sensible) carried on about the question of Obama’s eligibility as if it were a subject that no sensible person would ever dare bring up for risk of looking like some clueless Neanderthal—as if the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS had been ordained by the gods, and carved in granite long, long ago.

Coulter’s attitude is representative of the anti-birther “conservatives” who seem oblivious of the tsunami of public opinion headed their way.  Conservatives who are not prepared to surf the tsunami are going to be submerged, swept away, and sunk.

 Donald Trump’s attack-dog pursuit of the eligibility issue is going to flush out faux conservatives, controlled opposition, and brain-dead idiots like you would not believe. 

Before briefly discussing the birth certificate issue let me stress this point—Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS does not hinge on his birth certificate.  There are a whole slew of unanswered questions, nefarious relationships, and outright fabrications surrounding Obama’s past.  The question that should be front and center is “Who the h%#@l is this guy?”

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From the Right Side of Life April 12, 2011.

“First are a few key pull-quotes from arguably one of the first Tea Party organizers, Eric Odom, who recently weighed in on the eligibility issue in a short but well-written posting entitled, “Oh no… not a post about Obama’s birth certificate!“:”

“Put me in the group called “why would a sitting American President even allow the question to still exist?”
First, let me state that I think it’s a travesty to see so many in our movement insulted, mocked and discredited for asking questions about the birth certificate. I especially find it disturbing that beltway organizations (conservative) have in many cases cast out those who have questions on the subject. Even some tea party organizations tow the establishment line by refusing to allow members to openly ask the question in a calm and inquisitive manner.”

“My questions goes a bit deeper. As in, what kind of individual gets elected as President of the most powerful country in the world, then toys with Americans asking questions about his birth certificate? And worse, what kind of people sit in TV studios of “authentic media outlets,” mocking those who ask the real questions? What does it say about our Congress and Intelligence agencies that none are willing to end it all by providing an indisputable answer to the simple questions being asked?
Americans have every right to ask this question of our President. If our President doesn’t think it legitimate to be asked, and doesn’t go to every length possible to answer the question, my assertion is that he is not fit to be President of this great nation.
For me personally, it’s less about the document and more about the man behind it.”

Next, attorney Mario Apuzzo analytically responded to the now ex-Directory of Hawaii’s Health Department Dr. Chiyome Fukino’s recent interview on NBC. Once again, the posting is well worth the read; here are some key quotes:”

“Fukino no longer works for the Hawaii Department of Health. Why did Mr. Isikoff not contact the current health department director who overseas the birth certificates in Hawaii? Why do we have to hear from someone who no longer works for Hawaii and no longer has any control over or access to its vital records files? Why can we not hear from the current official who could tell us what is in the file today? …
“She found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama, located in the files.”
Why does Fukino tell us that the real birth certificate showed the doctor on it but she fails to tell us that Obama’s birth occurred in a hospital which is what Obama told the public occurred? After all, she knows how much “birthers” have been demanding to see conclusive proof that Obama was born in Kapi’olani Hospital, the hospital in which Obama says he was born. There would be no violation of any privacy laws for her to simply say that he was born in a hospital, without giving the name of the hospital, just like she said that a doctor delivered Obama and signed the birth certificate. What is suspect is that there were numerous doctors at that time who could have delivered Obama but only two hospitals in which he could have been born, Kapi’olani Hospital or Queens Hospital. In other words, the doctors get lost in the shuffle but the hospitals do not. Just saying that a doctor signed the birth certificate does not open up channels of information that can be independently verified. On the other hand, knowing the birth hospital pins down the place of birth to only two specific locations in which there would be contained medical evidence of the alleged birth there. …”

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From Media ite April 12, 2011.

““We’re going to put this to bed tonight. He does have a legitimate birth certificate. The state of Hawaii says they have it. And we have no reason not to believe that.””

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