Did Obama lose California?, Or was vote closer?, Romney votes missing, Obama votes plummet, Mail in ballots problem?, Something rotten in state of CA

Did Obama lose California?, Or was vote closer?, Romney votes missing, Obama votes plummet, Mail in ballots problem?, Something rotten in state of CA

“I’m here to vote because I’m standing on my religious views. I’m a Democrat but I’m voting for Romney because he believes in the same values and morals that I stand on,”...CA voter, KABC News

Did Obama lose in California?

Something is definitely rotten in the state of CA.

The following 2012 CA counts were captured at approximately 9:00 AM today.

Obama…… Romney… Johnson.. Stein… Barr……Hoefling.. Total

5,863,499  3,816,757  104,350  61,004  39,031         0            9,884,641

The following 2012 CA counts were captured at approximately 2:45 PM today.

5,958,059  3,870,455 106,147  62,005   39,627 29,064   10,065,357

In 2008,  13,474,082 votes for president were cast.

As of 2:45 today 10,065,357 votes for president were cast.

That is a difference of 3,408,725 votes.

In 2008 Obama received 8,274,473 votes.

So far in 2012 Obama has received 5,958,059 votes.

That is a difference of 2,316,414 votes.

Obviously some of those votes Obama didn’t get went to Romney.


In 2008 John McCain received 5,011,781 votes.

So far in 2012 Romney has received 3,870,455 votes.

Does any rational person believe that Romney received that much less than McCain?

Especially with Obama’s drop in votes.

Let’s assume for a moment that 1 million fewer people voted in 2012.

Where’s the rest of the votes?

Consider the following.

A record number of Californians have registered to vote.

Field Poll estimated there would likely be a million fewer voters than in 2008.
Field poll predicted nearly thirteen million Californians or about seventy percent of registered voters would cast ballots.
Fifty one percent of voters will vote by mail.

“Those probably don’t get counted for another couple of weeks,” Mark DiCamillo, Director of Field Poll

People have been questioning how Mitt Romney could get fewer votes than John McCain. CA is part of the answer. How many mail in ballots remain to be counted and what controls are in place to insure security and accuracy?

Remember, California had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. It is plausible that this race could be much closer.







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