Delaware and Chicago corruption, Attorney General Biden, Delaware News Journal lies about Larry Sinclair, Smears in Delaware from Bidens and Obama camp

The Delaware News Journal continues to print lies about Larry Sinclair, even after they have been asked to print a retraction. I posted an article, several days ago, about the attempts coming out of Delaware to discredit and silence Larry Sinclair. Despite being notified the information they were supplying was false, despite Larry Sinclair providing copies of court documents on his blog, the forces in Delaware have joined the dark side of the Obama Camp to discredit Sinclair. Larry Sinclair has stated that he did not pay for motel stays with money orders. In fact Larry Sinclair gave me this information several weeks ago and he has been consistent. I spoke to Larry a few minutes ago and his attorney plans to sue the Delaware News Company and the parent company Gannett.

Here are the latest statements from Larry Sinclair regarding the smears coming out of Delaware:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on Saturday, July 12, 2008

It appears that even after the News Journal, a Gannet News Paper was sent written documentation along with a request for a retraction to their publishing false information, they have decided to continue to publish false statements.  It is for this reason that I will direct an Attorney who has agreed to sue the News Journal on my behalf at no charge to me whatsoever, to file suit against the News Journal, its parent Company Gannet, and its reporters who have continued to write this false information.


I ave not entered any plea as claimed by the News Journal dealing with any thing to do with “counterfiet money orders.” In fact that is absolutely nothing in the New Castle County Superior Court file alleging anything to do with “money orders” as has been publish twice now by the News Journal.  I entered a NOT GUILTY PLEA to the charge of “Theft” as stated on the only charging document in the court file which is published below:

Blogger says he’s innocent of theft

Frequent critic of Obama stayed in Del. hotel

By ESTEBAN PARRA • The News Journal • July 12, 2008

Larry Sinclair, frequent critic of Barack Obama, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he used counterfeit money orders to pay for a three-week stay at a New Castle hotel last year.

Sinclair’s plea was entered by Newark attorney Fran E. Farren, who said he was retained by the Duluth, Minn., resident last week. Farren said he was hired to defend Sinclair and was unwilling to say anything about his client’s Internet activities, which have brought Sinclair some notoriety in the blogosphere.

Sinclair has been making charges about Obama involving sex and drugs on his blog. Messages to the Obama campaign headquarters were not returned.

“Lawrence Sinclair’s political beliefs are not on trial here,” Farren said. “Simply put, his political views are not relevant in this case.

“Mr. Sinclair has been charged with one count of theft [a felony]. As such, he is certainly entitled to defend himself vigorously against that charge. I am here to do everything within my power to provide Mr. Sinclair with a strong defensive effort in that regard and that’s what I intend to do.”

Sinclair was arrested last month on an outstanding warrant after a Washington, D.C., press conference.

According to Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at a Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later told police Wachovia refused to honor them.

Sinclair said he had been living in Delaware for about two months.

“I was actually living there and I was looking to remaining in the area, but the rents were just too high,” he said.


To this day there has not been a single Court document or charging document provided to me, my attorney or even found as part of the court file making the allegations that the News Journal has now made twice in less than two weeks.  Furthermore, the News Journal was faxed documentation showing their claims to be false.  I guess any coverage of the Obama matter is better than no coverage at all.  Guess the News Journal having papers served on them will make them think twice about repeating false claims that they were shown to be untrue about what I have been served with.  In fact now I challenge anyone in Delaware to produce a single item deposited into a Rodeway Inn account with my name on it.”

Read more about this story here:

Visit Larry Sinclair’s new website. It will be live soon:

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