CT schools still don't get security, Connecticut law allows armed personnel, State and educators to blame not guns, North Carolina schools protected?

CT schools still don’t get security, Connecticut law allows armed personnel, State and educators to blame not guns, North Carolina schools protected?

“Gun control is the solution of dictators and those lacking reason and accountability.”…Citizen Wells

“Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.”…CT Constitution

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”…George Washington

Why do the liberals and Obama blame guns for tragedies like Sandy Hook?

Lack of reason and accountability.

Yesterday  Citizen Wells presented what all school systems, especially those most vulnerable, should have been doing to protect students.

1. Monitor the areas outside the buildings. This would include monitored security cameras and some combination of walk arounds by staff and or security personnel.

2. Security alarms for illegal entry.

3. Buffered entry ways. i.e. double entry ways. The first door should set off the alarm and the second would slow down intrusion.

4. Stronger doorways.

5. Regular drills for emergency preparedness. We had those when I was in grade school.

6. As many armed school personnel as possible. “Good guys with guns to stop the bad guys with guns.” Each armed person should be psychologically evaluated.


Connecticut gun laws among the toughest in the U.S.

However, school personnel could have been armed.

“It is unlawful to possess a firearm on public or private elementary or secondary school property. This prohibition shall not apply to a person with a firearm carrying permit, with permission from school officials, or while traversing school property with an unloaded firearm for the purpose of gaining access to lands open to hunting or for other lawful purposes, provided entry is not prohibited by school officials.”


School security at Sandy Hook, in CT and across the country in the past has been inadequate and still is. Apparently the folks in Connecticut still don’t get it.

From the Examiner January 14, 2013.

“Connecticut school new security policies, after the Sandy Hook massacre”

“Nearly one month after the Connecticut school shooting, several local districts have put new security measures in place, including locked front doors and tighter visitor sign-in policies, and launched reviews of their safety procedures.

Area officials say they have been working closely with local police departments and staff members to come up with the best policies to protect students and teachers in the wake of the Dec. 14 tragedy in which 20 children and six adults were killed.

“We’re taking it seriously, but we’re mindful of the human factor and not increasing the anxiety of our students,’’ said Weston Superintendent Cheryl Maloney.

In Weston, all school doors were previously locked except front doors. Maloney said those doors are now locked but the district has yet to install buzzers or cameras. Members of the office staff, she said, are responsible for answering the door until a new system can be installed.

Natick has also started locking the front doors at its schools, while Newton, Sudbury, and the Ayer-Shirley Regional district have plans in the works. Acton is studying the option. Needham has completed an upgrade of security at the town’s schools that includes a buzzer and surveillance system and locked front doors,

In Weston, Maloney said there has been mixed reaction among parents to the changes. “They preferred the more welcoming front door,’’ she said.

Maloney said the district is considering a swipe-card system for the doors, but it will take time to go through the bidding process to buy the equipment and have it installed. “We will continue with that plan and may accelerate it,’’ she said.

Maloney said the district is also looking at hiring a consultant to review its practices and see whether any additional changes are necessary. She said they have been more vigilant about visitor passes, and having parents wait in the lobby for students.

Natick Superintendent Peter Sanchioni said that before the Newtown shooting, just one of the district’s eight schools had a camera and buzzer system. During the winter break, locks and buzzers were installed at all schools, he said.”


“We’re taking it seriously”

I wouldn’t bet on it.

If you have children in CT schools, contact your officials and insist that armed personnel be present at your schools.

Too many liberals, guided by their “feelings”, have been running our school systems. We conservatives must get more involved.

I will be investigating further school security in my home state of NC.

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