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Folks, people are starting to wake up!

A Republican Congressman,  John Sullivan, is questioning Obama’s health care plan and Obama not presenting a long form birth certificate.

From RepubX:

“Lawmaker hits Obama, ‘a guy that can’t even show a long-form birth certificate.’”
“By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer
Published: 8/8/2009  2:22 AM”

“First District Congressman John Sullivan said Friday that the nation’s big problems can’t be solved without bipartisanship, but that didn’t prevent him from scorching President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Sullivan opened his remarks to the Tulsa Republican Club by questioning Obama’s nationality and alluding to an “enemies list” being compiled from e-mails critical of the administration’s health care reform proposal. He spent most of the next 40 minutes attacking the president on matters ranging from energy to management.

“This is a scary time in Washington,” he said. “It’s a very frightening time. I see Barack Obama is creating an enemies list of people who oppose this miserable health care plan. I think that’s frightening. That’s from a guy that can’t even show a long-form birth certificate. I think we all ought to be prepared to fight that.”

Sullivan finished, though, by saying: “Everyone demonizes the other side. We need to all sit down and focus on these vital issues. That’s the only way we can address these very, very tough issues.”

The “enemies list” reference grew from a White House call to forward to it e-mails with “fishy” information on health care reform. Republicans said the administration is using the e-mails

to compile an enemies list.

The White House has denied the charge, saying it only wants to respond to “disinformation.” ”

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